Joining Instructions - Intermediate Leadership Programme (ILP Hybrid)


To provide candidates registered on the ILP Hybrid course that is given by the Institute of the Profession of Arms Chief Warrant Officer Robert-Osside (Osside Institute) at the Royal Military College Saint-Jean (RMC Saint-Jean) with all the information necessary to understand how the hybrid course will be delivered to the students as well as the contact details of key people for further information or assistance. Visit RMC Saint-Jean's website under "Academics – Osside Institute" for up-to-date information. Additional information will also be provided on the first day of class.

Programme introduction

The hybrid program is given in order to develop non commission members (NCMs) for their new positions with high leadership responsibilities.

Note: for more information, refer to the course description.


The qualification standards for the Hybrid PLI have been approved by the Canadian Defence Academy, which is responsible for all CAF Joint Professional Development Courses.

The objective of these hybrid courses is to give members the necessary tools, skills and basic knowledge so that they can perform their duties at the rank of PO 1/WO.

The hybrid course is a 2-part training. Part 1, i.e. week 1, candidates will have to do work from home with the support of platoon commanders via the Moodle and Zoom app.

Part 2, i.e. weeks 2 and 3, the course will take place in residence on the site of the RMC Saint-Jean. Travel time will be on the weekend before week 2.

All ILP Hybrid courses will provide candidates with the knowledge required to successfully complete the residential phase of the ILP. For this purpose, the assessment for this training and education will be on the basis of "Success/Failure" and candidates must have previously completed the DL portion of the program before they can be enrolled in the PH course.


Each candidate will be required to write an autobiography in order to assist the management staff in creating the student profile, via the drop box in Moodle, on the first day of the course. Applicants must write an autobiography of 500 words or more. See Annex A for more information.

Candidate Interview Sheet

Candidates must complete in Moodle, the Initial Interview under the “Admin” tab by the first day of the course.

Dress Orders

Part 1 (Virtual)

Dress of the day or appropriate civilian attire is allowed during the ILP hybrid however, no inappropriate symbol or writing will be accepted.

Operational dress (CADPAT/ NCD) will be worn during virtual presentation.

Part 2 (In house)

The highest standard of dress is demanded. It is unacceptable for a candidate to report for training with unsatisfactory or incomplete items of kit. You must ensure that your dress is in excellent condition in accordance with dress regulations A-DH-265-00/AG-001, CF Dress Instructions (CFP 265). Students must be well groomed, and all items must be clean, pressed if applicable, and of approved service uniform pattern.

Dress for the course: (Daily + Grad) combat (Cadpat/Operational dress/NCD).

Dress With a Difference Fridays

On Fridays during the GCWCC period (October to December), smart casual dress is authorised for all candidates who contribute 5$ to the RMC Saint-Jean campaign. Please note that jeans are not authorized.

Seasonal Dress

Unless otherwise published the dates for seasonal order of dress at RMC Saint-Jean are:

  • Summer - First Monday in April (Canex’s jacket is optional) and
  • Winter - Third Monday in October. (Parka and/or gabardine and gloves)

Dress at the Vieux Mess

Refer to the following link for the dress code at the Vieux Mess. Note that jeans are authorized, but must be clean and proper (No rips).

Computer Support

Part 1

Candidates will receive a Moodle invitation from RMC Saint-Jean prior to the start of course. When creating your Teams profile, ensure your Display Name is your syndicate number – rank, first and last name only (ie: 2 - WO John Doe). Candidates should be familiar and registered with MOODLE and Teams software prior to the start of the course. The Teams application is to be downloaded from the internet only unto a device that is not DWAN. The software is free and can be accessed from "Google Play" or the "Apple App Store". They can be installed on tablets or mobile device. See Annex B for minimum requirements and additional information.

Moodle Learning Management System: The virtual courses consist of a scheduled reading and a work program that will be delivered to the students using a web-enhanced format via Moodle.

If you need any help with your Moodle account, send an email to


Authenticator app

Download the Microsoft Authenticator app on your cell phones before you arrive in residence, you will need it to log onto the Edunet laptop. For those that do not have a cell phone, IT will require the names the week before course so they can prepare a “Token Card M365”. This will save a lot of time for the first morning of course.


Part 2

Between the time of your arrival and the beginning of the course Monday morning, no network account information will be handed to you to access the Internet, even for personal devices. However, on the first day of the course, each candidate will receive a laptop and a network account, which will allow connectivity to the Internet via the RMC Saint-Jean educational network (Édunet). The provided computer is equipped with Windows 10 operating system and the 2010 Microsoft Office suite. Eighty percent (80%) of the course is computer based. Computer and software, e.g., Word and PowerPoint, experience is of a great benefit.

Note that you will be able to use the same credentials later on to get to the Internet with your personal Wi-Fi devices. To do so, you will have to select CFSJ-INTERNET among the available Wi-Fi networks on the site. Once connected, you will have to open any WEB page and you will then be redirected to an authentication page in which you will enter your credentials. This will grant you access to the Internet.

Please note that IT Services will provide a laptop with basic items, but no supplementary equipment will be loaned, such as cabling.

Also, it will be possible, if needed, to connect to the Defense Wide Area Network (DWAN) using one of the common computers available in room D3048A in the DeLéry building.

Course Dates, material and attendance

Course dates as advised on your loading message are firm. No exceptions made.

Candidates must attend all scheduled classes. Your attendance will be recorded. Candidates who miss more than 10% of the course will have their file reviewed by the training establishment. The files will be subjected to a Progress Review Board for failure to meet course requirements.

The training will consist of virtual classes, reading assignments and homework. Expect full working days of 8 hours of training per day. The course schedule will be available prior to the first day of the course. See Annex C for contact information.

Date / time of arrival: Unless a transportation restriction exists, candidates must arrive at RMC Saint-Jean one day prior to the beginning of the course.


The registration form must be sent no later than 21 days before the start of the course by email to:

This email must include the registration form, as requested in the special instructions of your course message, Para 3, B.

Claims and travel arrangements

Reference: Canadian Forces Temporary Duty Travel Instruction (CFTDTI)

Claims, as well as travel arrangements, including arrangements for the return must be completed in accordance with CFTDTI (Ref) by the unit.

Authority and financial coding are provided in "TD Instr Msg."

A scanned copy of finalized claim, with Cost Comparison, shall be forwarded NLT 30 days after course end date to


Transportation - Private Motor Vehicle (PMV)

If the candidate is permitted to use his PMV, it will be paid the kilometer rate based on the member’s home unit’s province and compared to the average of the most economical commercial transport, according to the DGCB policy on "Moving on a personal vehicle at the request of military."

Cost Comparison

When the candidate is allowed to use his PMV, it is required to produce a cost comparison, according to the DGCB policy on "cost comparisons." Cost comparison must be sent for approval two weeks before TD starts at Do not use car rental for cost comparison purpose.

The following rates for taxi fares to Montreal / Saint-Jean should be used for cost comparison:

  • From PET Airport to RMC Saint-Jean: $125
  • From RMC Saint-Jean to Montreal PET Airport: $0 (shuttle provided)
  • From Montreal Central Station: $80
  • From RMC Saint-Jean to Montreal Central Station: $80

Transportation – Rental car

Car rental will not be authorized. It does not meet CFTDTI regulations, as rental car is not the most economical and practical mode of transportation.

Transportation – Crown vehicles

If the candidate is requesting to use a Crown vehicle, Art. 7.34 & 7.35 of the CFTDTI will apply. TD cost for a driver will not be authorized.

Commercial Transportation

Candidates using Air travel or Train will require a Travel Authorization Number (TAN). Request for TAN is to be made by e-mail to When requesting a TAN you will provide a flight quote with the exact date and time no later than two weeks before course starts.

Transport – Air Travel

If the candidate is requesting to use Air Travel, Art. 7.30 & 7.31 of CFTDTI will apply. Commercial flight reservations should be made as far in advance as possible, no later than 15 days prior to the course start date. Candidates are expected to arrive at RMC Saint-Jean the day before the course starts. No shuttle will be provided from the Montreal Airport to RMC Saint-Jean; candidates are to utilize a taxi ($125) to travel from the airport to RMC Saint-Jean.

The return flight reservation must be made to correlate with the shuttle schedule. All candidates must use the shuttle to get to the airport. Any extra charges/fees resulting from a flight change request will be the responsibility of the member’s unit. Allow a minimum of 4 hours between the shuttle departure time and your scheduled return flight time in order to accommodate time to travel to the airport (Montreal traffic), complete check-in and pass through airport security.

  • First Airport Shuttle departure: 16:00 hrs. (Course end date)
  • Second Airport Shuttle departure: 05:00 hrs. (Next day)

Candidates travelling by commercial transportation are reminded that, since the equipment required for the course does not exceed the carrier's authorized limit, the claim for excess baggage will not be permitted. Candidates travelling by commercial transportation are reminded that, as per CANFORGEN 110/14 CMP 047/14 071213Z JUL 14 (Intranet only), active and retired members of the CAF benefit from additional check baggage. Refer to the message for details.

Transport – Train

If the candidate is requesting to use Train, Art. 7.31 & 7.32 of CFTDTI will apply. Via 1 is authorized. Montreal Central Station is usually used. Allow a minimum of 3 hours between the time the course ends (16:00 hrs.) time and your schedule return train time in order to accommodate time to travel to the train station (Montreal traffic), complete the check-in and pass through any security check.

Route Letter

You will send the electronic route letter to

Rations and Quarters

All candidates will stay and eat on site at RMC Saint-Jean. Rations and Quarters will automatically be reserved, covered by the Osside Institute, for all candidates during the course (Sunday before the course until last Saturday noon at end of the course). On Individual Travel Autorisation (ITA) please write 0,00$ for costs of R&Q.

Candidates will eat at the "Dextraze Pavilion," will stay in the Pavilions Montcalm, Galissonnière or Maisonneuve in individual rooms, with refrigerator, television and cable. Towels are also provided for the duration of the course. Free Internet (Wi-Fi) is available in all pavilions.

On each floor there is a laundry room, irons and ironing boards. Accessories for washing are not provided. Candidates should bring their hangers and an alarm clock. The rooms are maintained by the Corporation du Fort Saint-Jean.

A phone will be available in your room, local calls are free. The cost of long distance is $ 20 for 400 minutes. If you choose this method, you must provide $ 20 in an envelope on the first morning to activate this service. There will be no refunds for unused minutes. Remember that the CF members are tenants on the site and are subject to the sharing of facilities as well as any other civilian organization.

Reporting-In Location

On arrival, candidates must present themselves to “Accueil” located at the main entrance of the DeLéry Pavilion. The opening hours are Monday to Friday from 07:00 a.m. to 08:00 p.m. and on weekends 10:00 a.m. to 08:00 p.m. Outside of these hours, candidates can obtain their keys at the commissionaire’s office located at the main gate of RMC Saint-Jean. You will receive an envelope with your keys and magnetic tag (which is used as a ration card) and any information needed for the first day. The magnetic tag provides access to Dextraze Pavilion (Dining room), DeLéry building, the gym, the Drill Hall (Building C-16), and the RMC Saint-Jean medical clinic (Building Champlain).

The first day of Part 2, the candidates will present themselves in the auditorium, of DeLéry pavilion (Access via 3rd floor, room C3038).

Regular hybrid courses (10 days): 07:45 hrs.


For the ILP hybrid: Candidates will be members of the “Vieux Mess” for the duration of their course. For Reg F members, mess dues will be automatically deducted from their pay by the mess software “Prophet”. Res F members will pay their mess dues directly at the Mess Managers Office bank card at the mess office or by credit card by phone. The cost per course is $21.00 if (And only if) the course start one month and finish in the next one. If it doesn’t go over on month to finish in the second month then the candidate does not pay any contributions. Example, you arrive in April and finish in May, you pay mess dues, but if you arrive in May and you leave in May, you don’t pay. All candidates who will pay mess dues, will receive a receipt in order to be reimbursed for one month of Mess Dues at their home unit. Refer to the following link to register for the Mess

Refer to the following link for the dress code at the Vieux Mess. Note that jeans are authorized, but must be clean and proper (No rips).


If candidates wish to take annual leave at the end of the course, a Leave Request (CF 100) has to be completed and approved by his/her home unit.

Other Services

The following item are available at your own expense:

Course picture - $8.00

Physical Fitness

We encourage you to take advantage of the campus recreation opportunities and to continue any fitness program you follow at your unit.

RMC Saint-Jean offers, through a civilian private club, many opportunities for sports and leisure facilities, including: gym, badminton grounds, squash, racquetball, basketball, volleyball, indoor pool, arena, fitness room, and weightlifting. Candidates have access to this civilian club. This service is free for military personnel presenting their magnetic badge. Shoes with soles that leave marks are prohibited in the gym.

Candidates, if you have a temporary or permanent medical category, contact the course director by e-mail on reception of your confirmation at

Medical and Dental Care

Facilities are available at RMC Saint-Jean (building Champlain) and Saint-Jean Garrison, should an emergency arise during the course. Outside working hours, medical emergencies will be handled by Haut-Richelieu Hospital. All medical and dental needs should be taken care of before attending the course.

Religious Services

The religious services for military personnel are provided at the Multi Faith room (Champlain building, room 117) at RMC Saint-Jean and at the “Mega”, room 113 at the Saint-Jean Garrison. The bilingual Protestant service is on Sunday from 10:30 to 11:30 hrs and the RC Mass, (Bilingual), is Sunday from 09:00 to 10:00 hrs. Other churches and religious services are located throughout the area.

All religious services at RMC Saint-Jean will be suspended during the summer. You can get additional information by contacting the Chaplains’ office at 450-358-7099, Ext. 7420.

Religious/ Spiritual Accommodation

Please ensure that you are prepared to provide proper documentation by your Chain of Command that you have been Religiously and or Spiritually Accommodated. The hyperlinks provided will assist you.

Dress instructions | Section 2 Appearance

DAOD 5516-3, Religious or Spiritual Accommodation

Commercial Facilities

A small Canex is located in the DeLéry Pavilion. Opening hours are to be confirmed.

Important Phone Numbers and Personal Mail

The contact information to be used if candidates need to be made aware of an emergency, or if they wish to receive mail or parcels through courier or other agencies, refer to Annex C.

Address of Royal Military College Saint-Jean

Refer to Annex C for the RMC Saint-Jean address.

For directions and an area map: Refer to Annex D; For the St-Jean road map: Refer to Annex E; For a RMC Saint-Jean map: Refer to Annex F.

Learning Disability Accommodation

Accommodations for learning disabilities can be requested in accordance with the DAOD 5516-5, Learning Disability Accommodation during Recruiting, Training and Education. All accommodation requests need to be approved by the Director – Personnel Generation Requirements through the candidate chain of command.

Academic Integrity

Reference: DAOD 5019-6 - Academic Misconduct


Plagiarism is the use of another person's work without acknowledging the author/source with the intent to pass it off as your own. The verbatim or almost verbatim presentation of someone else’s work constitutes an example of plagiarism. This applies to paraphrasing or summarizing the work of others as well as direct quotations.


Cheating is the act or attempt to give, receive, share or utilize unauthorized information or assistance before or during the writing of a text or examination. Examples of cheating include the presentation of work to more than one course member without the instructor’s permission or the improper acquisition of another member’s essay or work through theft, bribery, collusion or otherwise of an essay paper.

Other Cases of Academic Misconduct

Falsification or unauthorized modification of a training or educational certificate or other record as well as obstruction of the training or educational activities of another person are further examples of academic misconduct that will not be tolerated.


Any academic misconduct could entail the following consequences:

  1. The ordering of the completion of an honest assignment;
  2. The removal from the course or institution;
  3. Other administrative action in accordance with regulations, other DAODs, orders or instructions; and/or
  4. Disciplinary action under the Code of Service Discipline.

If academic misconduct occurs, the Osside Institute Chief Instructor will initiate a Progress Review Board (PRB). The findings will be submitted to the candidate’s Unit for further action, if necessary.


Annex A - Autobiography

In an effort to become better acquainted, we ask that you write an autobiography of approximately 500 words or more covering your career and personal life. This autobiography and a passport-style photograph (Imbedded in the document) of yourself is to be downloaded in Moodle under the “Dropbox” tab.

The autobiography and photograph will be treated as confidential and will be read only by those involved in your training. It is designed only to help your DS to get to know you.

The following are some points to consider in writing your autobiography:

  • Childhood:
    • Place of birth
    • Number of children in your family
  • Civilian Life/Education:
    • Sports, athletic ability
    • Type of school (private, public)
    • Rural, urban
    • Last completed academic year
    • Additional civilian courses completed since enrolment
    • Were you a member of an organization and in which capacity (cubs, scouts, cadets, student council)
    • The year in which you finished or quit school
    • Marital status and family situation
  • Description of your military career:
    • Completed career courses
    • Employment type (Technical or supervisory)
    • Postings
    • Expectation of the course

Your autobiography, with photograph, should be produced electronically in PDF format. A hard copy is to be given the first day of the course.

Annex B - Moodle link and user guide


You will require the following;

  1. Operating systems supported to date;
    • Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7
    • Mac OSX
    • Linux
  2. Recent and up-to-date browser;
    • Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Safari
    • Edge
    • Internet Explorer (IE)
  3. An internet connection – broad band capability or wireless (3G or 4G/LTE)
  4. Device configured with camera, sound and microphone
  5. Download software required to view documents (Acrobat Reader)
  6. Follow the Moodle activation instructions found in the personal email
  7. Further information is available at:

Annex C - Phone Numbers and RMC Saint-Jean address

Institut Osside
Position Telephone or Email
Osside Institute Director 450-358-6777 ext 5850
Administration Officer 450-358-6777 ext 5729
ILP Director 450-358-6777 poste 5858
ILP Hybride Coord
Padre (Aumônier) 450-358-6777 ext 7420
RMC Saint-Jean Duty Officer Cell: 514-912-3022

For emergencies: Candidates' families can reach them through the course director (During working hours) or through the RMC Saint-Jean Duty Officer (During evenings and weekends).

Mailing address

Participants may receive personal mail. To avoid inconvenience, it is important to identify the candidate and use the following address:

SN, Rank, Name and Inits
Osside Institute / ILP # ....
Royal Military College Saint-Jean
PO Box 100 Station Main Richelain, QC, J0J 1R0

Courier Mail, i.e., Purolator, FedEx, etc., should be sent to the following civilian address of the Campus and include a return address:

SN, Rank, Name and Inits
Osside Institute / ILP # ....
Royal Military College Saint-Jean
15, Jacques-Cartier North
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC, J3B 8R8

From Québec

Take Highway 20 West (Trans-Canada)

Exit 98, take Highway 30 West, direction Châteauguay

Exit 109, take Highway 10 East

Exit 22, take Highway 35 South, direction Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu

Exit 43, Boul du Séminaire

At the lights, turn right on Boul du Séminaire

Take Boul du Séminaire to the Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu CEGEP (about 4 km)

After the stop sign in front of the CEGEP, take the left lane, which will take you to Vanier Street

At the light, turn left onto Jacques-Cartier North

Stay on Jacques-Cartier North for about 500 meters and the entrance of the campus is on your right (15 Jacques-Cartier North)

From Montréal

Take Highway 20 East (Trans Can)

Cross the Champlain Bridge

Take Highway 10 East, direction Sherbrooke

Exit 22, take Highway 35 South, direction Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu

Exit 43, Boul du Séminaire

At the lights, turn right on Boul du Séminaire

Take Boul du Séminaire to the Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu CEGEP (about 4 km)

After the stop sign in front of the CEGEP, take the left lane, which will take you to Vanier Street

At the light, turn left onto Jacques-Cartier North

Stay on Jacques-Cartier North for about 500 meters and the entrance of the campus is on your right (15 Jacques-Cartier North)

Regional road map from Google map
Regional road map from Google map

Annex E - Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu Road Map

Road map Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu

Annex F - Map of Royal Military College Saint-Jean

Enlarge version of RMC Saint-Jean' map

Building Listings

  • 2 - Warehouse
  • 3 - Les Forges Pavilion
  • 4 - Montcalm Pavilion
  • 5 - Vieux Mess
  • 6 - La Galissonnière Pavilion
  • 13 - Maisonneuve Pavilion
  • C16 - Multifonction Pavilion
  • C20 - Warehouse, Supply, Tailor
  • 24 - Massey Pavilion (Corporation du Fort Saint-Jean)
  • 26 - Old Jail
  • 50 - Housing 4, 5, 6, 7
  • 51 - Housing 8, 9, 10, 11
  • 52 - Housing 12, 13, 14, 15
  • 53 - Housing 16
  • 54 - Housing 18, 20
  • 55 - Housing 22, 24, 26, 28
  • 56 - Housing 30, 32
  • 57 - Housing 33
  • 58 - Housing 34, 35
  • 59 - Housing 17, 19, 21, 23
  • 60 - Housing 25, 27, 29, 31
  • 102 - Heating Plant
  • 103 - Gate
  • 104 - Mess St-Maurice
  • 105 - Fort Saint-Jean Museum
  • 107 - Champlain Pavilion
  • 108 - Cartier Pavilion
  • 109 - de Léry Pavilion
  • 110 - Pumping Station
  • 111 - Sanitary Pumping Station
  • 115 - Commandant's House
  • 116 - Vanier Pavilion (Sports Complex)
  • 119 - Residence 3
  • 122 - Fluoration Station North
  • 123 - Fluoration Station South
  • 124 - Marina
  • 125 - Lahaie Pavilion
  • 126 - Chemical Products Warehouse South
  • 127 - Boat Storage
  • 128 - Petrolium Product Warehouse
  • 129 - Dextraze Pavilion
  • 130 - Remise transformateurs C109
  • 131 - Trailer
  • 132 - Trailer
  • 133 - Sports Shed
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