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Convocation and Commissioning Ceremony

Convocation and Commissioning Ceremony

Mark your calendars! The end of year ceremonies at the Royal Military College Saint-Jean are fast approaching. (See more)

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Brochure - Presentation of the college

2020-2025 Strategic Plan


To draw on its full potential and contribution within the CAF, RMC Saint-Jean executives began a strategic planning process in the fall of 2019 that includes several consultations. This strategic plan is the result of this work and serves to define the desired state of RMC Saint-Jean for the next five years. It sets out a clear action plan to ensure that we maximize our strengths and seize the many opportunities that have become possible. This strategic plan will serve as a compass until 2025 towards the achievement of the mission consistently with its vision.


New special admission conditions for the Social Sciences Program.

Since August 15, 2022, secondary 5 technical-science mathematics (TS), secondary 5 natural science mathematics (SN), mathematics 526 and culture, society and technology mathematics (CST) are no longer prerequisites.

Mathematics SN, TS, CST Secondary IV or 426 with a minimum mark of 70% are now the prerequisites.

University Status

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Royal Military College Saint-Jean is proud to have retrieved its status as a university-level educational institution on 9 June 2021.

Since that date, the ratification by Mr. Michel Doyon, Lieutenant Governor of Quebec, of the Act to recognize the Royal Military College Saint-Jean as an educational institution at the university level occurred. (See more)


Officer Cadet Jérémy Labbé

“I really appreciate the personal and professional development that the college has allowed me to do and the opportunities that I have had for 4 years. I had the chance to do an exchange in the United States last semester at Norwich University, Vermont. It was really interesting to see how my American colleagues do things.”

Master Warrant Officer Michel Paulhus

“I am studying in the International Studies program under the OIPEP, so I am back to school after… 22 years! It's a little culture shock in terms of generations, but I adapted quickly. We tend to underestimate ourselves at first, but we quickly gain confidence. We also learn a lot through exchanges with the Officer Cadets.”

Officer Cadet Nadège Harvey

“What I appreciate the most at RMC Saint-Jean are my colleagues, the sport, the travel opportunities we had the chance to make, and especially the friends we make here. The main challenge of studying at a military university is maintaining good time management. Here, we have activities in what are called the 4 pillars: studies, physical fitness, bilingualism, and the military pillar, so these 4 four pillars require some adaptation in terms of time management.”

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Le Chapitre Fort Saint-Jean

Le Chapitre Fort Saint-Jean

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