End of Year Ceremonies

End of Year Ceremonies

Mark your calendars! The end of year ceremonies at the Royal Military College Saint-Jean are fast approaching. (See more)

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2020-2025 Strategic Plan


To draw on its full potential and contribution within the CAF, RMC Saint-Jean executives began a strategic planning process in the fall of 2019 that includes several consultations. This strategic plan is the result of this work and serves to define the desired state of RMC Saint-Jean for the next five years. It sets out a clear action plan to ensure that we maximize our strengths and seize the many opportunities that have become possible. This strategic plan will serve as a compass until 2025 towards the achievement of the mission consistently with its vision.

University Status

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The Royal Military College Saint-Jean is recognized as a university-level educational institution.

On June 3, 2021, the National Assembly of Quebec passed Bill 93, which recognizes Royal Military College Saint-Jean (RMC Saint-Jean) as a university-level educational institution... (See more)


OCdt Sekhon

"At RMC Saint-Jean, I have discovered a second family and have the opportunity to discover the French Canadian culture."

Officer Cadet Sekhon

International Studies Programme

OCdt Tousignant

"At RMC Saint-Jean one learns to surpass their limits and build resilience. The College provides all the necessary tools to ensure our success."

Officer Cadet Tousignant

Social Science programme

OCdt Labrecque

In the beginning I was not sure that I would like RMC Saint-Jean. Today I can say out loud that being at RMC Saint-Jean compiles very many happy moments for me. RMC Saint-Jean helps me be a better person."

Officer Cadet Labrecque

Social Science programme

Sarah Trottier

"My role with officer cadets is to put everything in place to enable them to acquire a proficiency level in their second official language and, for those who wish, in Spanish, as a third language."

Sara Trottier

Director of the Language Department

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Le Chapitre Fort Saint-Jean

Le Chapitre Fort Saint-Jean

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