Transcript - Obstacle Course

[A team of officer cadets preparing for the obstacle course are standing in ranks under a blue yet somewhat cloudy sky; Close-up on an officer cadet with face camouflage and safety glasses; an ace of heart is slipped under an elastic on his helmet. Then we see another team in ranks, then its members coming out of the river at a stroke, eyes folded to protect themselves from splashing water. Shooting of a cannon shot photographed by a visitor.]

The obstacle course is much more than a physical challenge.

[Officer cadets complete the Tarzan crossing obstacle by crossing a creek clinging to a rope attached to a wooden structure. Then we see other officer cadets complete tires crossing obstacle; they pass through tires placed in tunnel at the bottom of a creek. Then groups of officer cadets work together to flip heavy machinery tires, then we see others completing the monkey bars obstacle.]

It is a 4 km path composed of 13 different obstacles.

It was designed specifically to solicit the all body and to encourage teamwork.

[Then we see officer cadets climbing on ropes, then others pulling a heavy truck with a rope. We see a group taking jerry cans out of a truck, then other officer cadets sitting, leaning one behind the other on a plastic placed on a sloping ground; the officer cadets raise jerry cans while being heavily watered.]

To overcome each obstacle, participants must think and react quickly while effectively managing and controlling resources,

available time and the effort required in order to succeed.

At the final challenge of the orientation program,

the obstacle course requires plenty of physical strength, endurance and resilience.

In the end, strength of character, teamwork, determination and mutual support, are what really make a difference on the course!

[Officer cadets carry a dummy on upward sloping terrain. Then we see other officer cadets climbing a brick wall with a rope, and once at the top, jump to the other side. Then we see several officer cadets running in a row of tires; They then lean to the ground and crawl through the mud, passing under fire pipes and into tunnels.]

The obstacle course is a milestone in the lives of new officer cadets;

it represents for them a rite of passage officially marking their acceptance in the Officer Cadet Wing of Royal Military College Saint-Jean.

[Finally, we see a group of officer cadets pulling a mannequin at the top of a wall covered with rope.]

Successfully completing the race is quite a challenge!

This is why it remains for many officer cadets,

one of the most memorable moments of their time at the College,

and proof of their ability to overcome the challenges they are faced with.

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