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Royal Military College Saint-Jean is proud to have recovered its university status on June 9, 2021.

Royal Military College Saint-Jean is proud to have retrieved its status as a university-level educational institution on 9 June 2021.

Since that date, the ratification by Mr. Michel Doyon, Lieutenant Governor of Quebec, of the Act to recognize the Royal Military College Saint-Jean as an educational institution at the university level occurred.

RMC Saint-Jean has thus regained its place among other Canadian universities and on the list of university-level educational institutions of Quebec established at article 1 of the Loi sur les établissements d’enseignement de niveau universitaire du Québec. A first university programme in International Relations allows officer cadets and naval cadets the opportunity to complete their bachelor’s studies in Quebec.

This Act also includes provisions for preventing and fighting sexual violence by which all Quebec’s higher learning institutions must abide. As such, RMC Saint-Jean set up a committee to develop and implement a policy that meets both the prevention requirements of the provincial law and the federal legal framework. This policy has been submitted to the ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur (MES) and will be implemented by the new Standing Committee on Sexual Misconduct.

Implementing such a policy is an important step towards providing a safer environment that fosters the development of the officer cadets and naval cadets, as well as staff and all persons who access RMC Saint-Jean.

Becoming a university again also means taking up the torch of research to support, administer and promote the activities of our researchers. We ensure that appropriate and accessible services and mechanisms covering aspects such as ethics, structural organization and fund management are in place to support the influence of their scientific expertise in the university community and in society in general. "The education offered to future officers, nourished by knowledge at the cutting edge of research, allows them to develop their analytical skills and critical thinking," explains James Groen, Director of Studies at RMC Saint-Jean.

The RMC Saint-Jean team continues its efforts to provide a quality educational environment based on four pillars: studies, military training, bilingualism and physical fitness.

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