Students are at the heart of our educational mission, and it is towards them that the efforts of our faculty converge to provide quality academic programmes focused on the development of knowledge and skills. In addition to fulfilling our educational mission, RMC Saint-Jean’s faculty members contribute to the advancement of knowledge and its dissemination in the scientific communities of their respective disciplines.

Research contributes to the professional development of those conducting it, to the reputation of the institution where researchers serve, and to the quality of the education offered, while contributing to the advancement of knowledge in general.

Every year, our faculty actively engages in many research activities such as delivering conference papers, publishing articles in professional journals, publishing more extensive works, and organizing and participating in round tables on various issues, to name a few. All these activities attest to the vitality of the faculty and the importance of research within our institution. Guided by such rigour and by the generosity of their teachers, the officer cadets directly benefit from expertise that necessarily reflects on the quality of the education delivered at the College.

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