The new Royal Military College Saint-Jean (RMC Saint-Jean) was inaugurated on 24 May 2008, fulfilling a promise by the Government to re-open this important institution and true national emblem. Royal Military College Saint-Jean is located on the site of Fort Saint-Jean, a heritage site that has borne witness to the vast military history of the French and British Regimes as well as that of Canada.

The Royal Military College Saint-Jean (RMC Saint-Jean) is part of the re-focused Canadian Defence Academy (CDA), which continues to exist now as an 'education group' composed of the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC), the RMC Saint-Jean Saint-Jean, and the Canadian Forces College (CFC).

As per its 2003 Charter, CDA exists to champion lifelong learning, and to promote the professional development of members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). CDA – within the Military Personnel Generation (MILPERSGEN) Formation ─ will continue to devote efforts to ensure that the Canadian Armed Forces Profession of Arms and Professional Development System remains credible and affordable.

MILPERSGEN has a broader mandate with the mission of leading the CAF personnel generation system to uphold distinction in the Profession of Arms.


Royal Military College Saint-Jean, formerly known as Collège militaire royal de Saint-Jean (CMR), opened in 1952; it was then the only Canadian institution offering education in French to officer cadets. From the beginning, bilingualism was a key element of the institution. In April 1971, an affiliation with Université de Sherbrooke was ratified and the agreement allowed CMR to award bachelor's degrees from this institution. In 1985, CMR was granted the right to give university-level diplomas. Between the closure of the College in 1995 and its re-opening in 2008, military education activities were maintained on the site managed by the Corporation du Fort Saint-Jean; among them, the Preparatory Year for officer cadets under Richelieu Squadron. The site would also host the Canadian Forces Learning and Development Center, an organization responsible for the Canadian Forces Language School, the Canadian Forces Management Development School and the Non-Commissioned Member Professional Development Center. The inauguration ceremony of the Royal Military College Saint-Jean that took place in May 2008 marked a new start for this educational institution and true national emblem.


The mission of Royal Military College Saint-Jean is to educate duly selected CAF members in order to instill them with the competencies required to maintain excellence in the profession of arms.


Royal Military College Saint-Jean (RMC Saint-Jean) ensures officer and naval cadets a seamless transition from high school to university by providing college-level courses in Social Science and Science. Each programme is offered in both official languages. These two years are referred to as the Preparatory Year and First Year. RMC Saint-Jean also offers an undergraduate programme in International Studies.

Preparatory Year

Prep Year is equivalent to grade 12 in most provinces and to the first year of college-level studies (CEGEP) in Quebec. The CEGEP programme is the normal entry point into the Canadian Military Colleges (CMC) for Quebec high-school graduates.

First Year

This academic year provides the necessary credits and prerequisites for university-level programmes offered at Royal Military College of Canada (RMC) in Kingston.

After completing their Preparatory Year and First Year at RMC Saint-Jean , officer and naval cadets who meet all the requirements of the Quebec Department of Education receive a diploma of college studies (DCS). Officer and naval cadets then pursue their studies at RMC in Kingston or may continue in the International Studies programme offered at RMC Saint-Jean.

Officer and naval cadets who complete First Year at RMC Saint-Jean will have the necessary credits and prerequisites to continue toward an undergraduate degree beginning in the Second Year at RMC in Kingston or RMC Saint-Jean.

Undergraduate Program

Bachelor’s Degree in International Studies

As of August 2018, RMC Saint-Jean has been offering a baccalaureate in International Studies. This program addresses major global issues that future officers will face in the course of their profession. Officer cadets will benefit from the multidisciplinary nature of the program, which will prepare them for dealing with complex situations involving relations between states, international development, security issues, and international issues pertaining to various disciplines: political science, history, geography, economic science, law, sociology, anthropology, communication, psychology, literature, and more.


Officer and navel cadets at Royal Military College Saint-Jean come from across Canada. These young men and women form the Cadet Wing in which the two linguistic groups are represented.


The life of an officer or naval cadet at Royal Military College Saint-Jean (RMC Saint-Jean) starts with the Orientation Programme (OP), which is an introduction to military life. This programme takes place before the start of the school year and allows officer and naval cadets to learn how to function within the military system. This training is pursued during the academic year through typical military activities. During the summer preceding and following the first academic year, officer and naval cadets receive Basic Military Officer Qualification (BMOQ) training at the Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School, a training of twelve cumulative weeks at the Saint-Jean Garrison.

The military programme at Royal Military College Saint-Jean (RMC Saint-Jean) is structured to develop the leadership skills of officer and naval cadets. The officer and naval cadets form the Cadet Wing which is divided into squadrons; these squadrons are then divided into sections. There is currently four squadrons, Richelieu, Iberville, Jolliet and Tracy. Under the direction of experienced military members, this hierarchy governs the life of officer and naval cadets. Senior officer and naval cadets are entrusted with command positions in the Cadet Wing and are responsible for the officer and naval cadet's daily activities.


"Truth - Duty - Valour" is the powerful motto of the Canadian Military Colleges (CMC). These words reflect the ethical foundation of the instruction provided at CMC inspired by the ideals of integrity, self-discipline and courage.


For many years, the Fort Saint-Jean Museum has welcomed visitors, both civilian and military, from across Canada. The Museum presents the rich history of Fort Saint-Jean, which is one of only two locations in Canada (the other being Québec City) to have maintained a military presence since the French Regime was instituted.

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