The Royal Military College Saint-Jean offers a complete college program.

Education offered at Royal Military College Saint-Jean is based on four components: academics, leadership, sports and bilingualism.

The key component of the program at Royal Military College Saint-Jean is academics. Officer cadets follow a college-level study program offered entirely in French or in English, either in Science or Social Science. Small group classes allow professors to give individualized guidance and supervision to each student. After two years, officer cadets receive their diploma of college studies from the Quebec Department of Education.

They pursue university studies in Arts, Science or Engineering for three more years at the Royal Military College of Canada located in Kingston, Ontario. They then receive a bachelors degree that guarantees them a profitable career in the Canadian Armed Forces.

On the magnificent Fort Saint-Jean site, Royal Military College Saint-Jean offers interesting, diversified and fully subsidized studies.

The leadership component aims at introducing officer cadets to the principles of leadership early in their career in order for them to better develop the leadership qualities sought in future officers.

Officer cadets tap into the military profession through command responsibilities with their peers, active participation in military exercises on the field, and learn to display initiative and leadership.

The third component of Royal Military College Saint-Jeans education program is sports.

Officer cadets participate in organized individual and team sports as a means for developing their endurance and team spirit.

Bilingualism is integrated to all other components.

In addition to second language credit courses, a cultural program is designed to provide Anglophones and Francophones opportunities to familiarize themselves with and share the others culture.

Four components, four significant challenges!

But only one mission for the College: educate duly selected CAF members in order to instil them with the competencies required to maintain excellence in the profession of arms.

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