Newsletter 28

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Office of the dean for research May 13, 2022 Newsletter 28

Message from the Dean

Marina Sharpe

We would like to highlight a major accomplishment for the research community at RMC Saint-Jean. Our colleague Marina Sharpe has been awarded a grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council’s Insight program! Running five years and valued at $87 751 annually, the project is called “Governed by good intentions? Enhancing the rule of law in international humanitarian action.” The grant will be managed by the Université de Sherbrooke as part of our partnership. The funding will allow Marina to continue writing her book on humanitarian action in international law. It is an acknowledgement by her peers of both her talent and the quality of her work. Well done Marina!



On April 19, 2022, the Faculty Council voted on an affiliation policy recognizing experts, researchers and professors associated with RMC Saint-Jean. This is the second research policy adopted by the Board, following the one on conference speakers and participants.

At its 49th Panel Business Meeting, the System Analysis and Studies (SAS) Panel of the NATO’s Science and Technology Organization approved the creation of the Exploratory Team (ET) on Climate Security and Defence Activities, to be led by Bruno Charbonneau. This ET will design a Technical Activity Proposal for a subsequent NATO Research Task Group, will contribute to and inform the construction of Canada’s Centre of Excellence project on climate and security, and contribute to and inform the NATO Political Guidance and Defence Planning Process.

Alexabdre Giguère

Congratulations to Alexandre Giguère who successfully defended his doctoral thesis in chemistry at the Université de Montréal on April 13. His thesis is entitled Étude de dispositifs électroniques moléculaires à l'aide de la méthode du potentiel source-puits.


André Simonyi is joining the editorial board of the Journal of Peace and War Studies (JPWS) published by the Peace and War Center at Norwich University.


In winter 2023, while on sabbatical, Marina Sharpe will join the Centre for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism at McGill University’s Faculty of Law.


April - May

Danic Parenteau published the article “Officers Must Play Key Role in Transforming Organizational Culture” in the Canadian Military Journal.

Marina Sharpe participated in the “Political and Ethical Aspects of the War in Ukraine” panel organized by Saint Paul University’s Research Centre in Public Ethics and Governance on March 22.

André Simonyi organized and chaired the “Complexity and World Politics: Concepts in Context” round table at the International Studies Association Annual Convention, Nashville (virtual), on March 28.

Chantal Lavallée sat on the “La Canada à la croisée de nouveaux écosystèmes de défense” panel as part of the Le Canada et le rôle du renseignement face aux menaces et défis émergents conference, organized by the Network for Strategic Analysis and the Centre for Security and Crisis Governance (CRITIC), Bishop’s University, on April 8.

Chantal Lavallée was a moderator and speaker on the “Genre, paix et sécurité” panel as part of the Colloque québécois sur la sécurité internationale pour les étudiants du premier cycle, Bishop’s University, on April 9.

The Table ronde sur la situation en Ukraine, organized by CRITIC at Royal Military College Saint-Jean, brought in nearly 100 people on April 21. Chaired by Bruno Charbonneau, the round table opened the floor to colleagues Yann Breault, Simon Hogue, Chantal Lavallée, Robert Lummack, Marina Sharpe and André Simonyi.

Danic Parenteau delivered the “For a Professional Use of Critical Thinking in the Armed Forces. Reflections for Officer-cadets” conference at the Center for University Studies, Kosovo Security Forces, Pristina, Kosovo, on April 22.

Danic Parenteau delivered the “For a Professional Use of Critical Thinking in the Armed Forces. Reflections for Officer-cadets” conference at the Norwegian Defence University College, Oslo, Norway, on April 27.

Mourad Djebabla hosted the first of two days of the Penser et écrire la guerre de la période moderne à nos jours symposium at RMC Saint-Jean on May 2. The symposium was organized in partnership with UQAM’s Groupe de recherche en histoire de la guerre.

Anne Caumartin presented the paper “ « Sous la vieille dame que je suis devenue. » Examen de Francine Noël par elle-même” at the « Qui lira verra » : ce que l’écriture contemporaine fait voir de la vie humaine symposium, held during the 89th Congrès de l’Acfas on May 13.

Special mentions to our colleagues for their numerous media appearances. You may have heard Bruno Charbonneau on the radio at Radio-Canada, Marc Imbeault on Ici Première’s Samedi et rien d’autre program and André Simonyi commenting on the situation in Ukraine in a dozen interviews and in La Presse, where you may have also read Marina Sharpe. Élisabeth Vallet continues her weekly collaboration with Le Devoir.

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