Annual Report of Research Activities 2017-2019

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The Royal Military College Saint-JeanAnnual Report of Research Activities 2017-2019 marks a turning point. More than the report of the research activities in itself, this report testifies to the revival of the institution as a university. The report has changed its name; from the Commandant's Report it became the Annual Report of Research Activities. This change puts forward the already present but renewed spirit of creation, innovation and dissemination of knowledge. This spirit is essential to the new mission of RMC Saint-Jean.

This double format of the report bridges the gap between the recognition of the International Studies programme by the Quebec Government and the year that welcomed new college and university professors. This recruitment and implementation exercise required the exceptional mobilization of the entire institution. It will be completed during the next year.

We would like to thank Mr. Gawiyou Danialou, and especially Ms. Joanie Tremblay for their efforts in producing this report. Thanks to them, the work and passion of RMC Saint-Jean researchers are demonstrated in the following pages. Today's research will shape the leadership of the Canadian Armed Forces of tomorrow through the teaching faculty to officer cadets. This is why research and teaching must be marked by excellence. This is our mission and our duty.

Roch Legault
Dean of Research
RMC Saint-Jean

Message from de Commandant

It is with pride that I present this exhaustive report on the research activities of the faculty at Royal Military College Saint-Jean. This double report marks the return of university status and a renewal of research to the college. It is an eloquent testimony to the growth of studies at RMC Saint-Jean but also demonstrates the scope and extent of the research conducted here.

Research is at the very heart of the institution and it stimulates the development of professors in their area of expertise. Thanks to their exceptional work, they stand out as being among the best in the academic world, and this expertise directly reflects on the quality of education offered to officer cadets.

Collaboration with other Canadian and international research and teaching institutions, the recruitment of internationally renowned faculty members, significant contributions to the academic community, and the development of new expertise attest the strategic importance of research within National Defence.

Supporting research at the Royal Military College Saint-Jean is a focus of its teaching programmes, but it provides a great deal of credibility so that our cadets can benefit from the expertise of our distinguished research professors in university-level courses, as well as those given at the college level.

Brigadier-General Gervais Carpentier
RMC Saint-Jean

Message from the Academic Director (2017-2018)

This RMC Saint-Jean Annual Report of Research Activities demonstrates the importance of these activities for our institution.

Research contributes to the professional development of the person who executes it, to the reputation of the institution where he or she serves, and to the quality of the education offered, while contributing to the advancement of knowledge in general. The Royal Military College Saint-Jean Faculty provides the best teaching possible to Officer-Cadets and Non-Commissioned Members, but it also contributes to the general furthering of knowledge and its passage on to the scientific community in various disciplines. The grants received are also a testimony of the utility of this research. Within the Internal Centre for the Study of the Profession of Arms at RMC Saint-Jean and the new International Studies Bachelor programme, research efforts in all areas will continue unabated.

Either directing their own research or collaborating with other groups conducting research, RMC Saint-Jean professors have demonstrated an enduring engagement in the College. The number and scope of the activities contained in this report attest to this fact.

Lieutenant General (retired)
Michel Maisonneuve
Academic Director
RMC Saint-Jean

Message from the Academic Director (2018-2019)

This Royal Military College Saint-Jean Annual Report of Research Activitie demonstrates the central importance of research to the vision and mission of our university.

Research directly contributes to the quality of education at RMC Saint-Jean by imparting important critical thinking abilities and life skills to our officer cadets. It contributes to the professional development and the general knowledge of the faculty who participate in it. It enhances the status and reputation of RMC Saint-Jean, provincially, nationally and internationally  forging partnerships and alliances at a historic moment in which university status is being reestablished.

It demonstrates to the public that RMC Saint-Jean faculty not only provide a teaching experience to officer cadets and non-commissioned members that is virtually second to none, but that our professors are positioned to inform public dialogue and be thought leaders in various disciplines.

The grants received by faculties are a further testimony to the high regard the research community has for their contributions. Within the International Centre for the Study of the Profession of Arms at RMC Saint-Jean, the new International Studies Bachelor programme as well as the Professional Military Education Department, research efforts are being reinvigorated.

Through their own work or in collaboration with other groups, the research activities and publications set out in this report underscore that the investments in research at RMC Saint-Jean are making an impact.

James Groen
Academic Director
RMC Saint-Jean

Message from the Acting Dean of Research (2017-2018)

Research is at the heart of the core mission of all universities. The 2017-2018 year was central for the establishment of university-level protocols in research at the Royal Military College Saint-Jean. Following in the footsteps of Dr. Marc Imbeault, who developed many of the core elements of the Research Office during his term of office, I began my term as Acting Dean of Research in the fall of 2017. My vision was to develop a Research Office that would be truly supportive of the faculty while establishing links in the community and throughout the province.

To this end, the Research Ethics Board was re-established, and a system for the preliminary evaluation of Research Ethics Board approval requests was created, in order to streamline the process. Membership of the Board was reorganized to be representative of those who conduct research at Royal Military College Saint-Jean. In addition, a Research Committee was created to sit in an advisory capacity to the Dean of Research.

The core mandate of the Research Office is to support faculty research. This includes helping researchers to find suitable conferences and other venues for the dissemination of their work, aiding them with submissions for research grants, as well as supporting them in their applications for sabbaticals and promotion. Perhaps most importantly, the Research Office is responsible for creating and maintaining a positive research environment.

The year 2017-2018 was a transitional year, an interim year, in the reestablishment of the Royal Military College as a university, a transition in which the Research Office played an important role.

Nanette Norris
Acting Dean of Research
Associate Professor, English literature
RMC Saint-Jean

Message from the Dean of Research (2018-2019)

We are moving forward on the paths opened by my predecessors to the deanship to look after the research file: Mr. Marc Imbeault and Mrs. Nanette Norris.

It is a great pleasure to take up the challenges associated with the succession to the position of a deanship now entirely devoted to research at RMC Saint-Jean. To rise to such a challenge is exciting. It began by consolidating the Research Committee, explaining the mechanisms and benefits of research  to win hearts for the research enterprise  by accelerating the development of the International Center for the Study of the Profession of Arms (ICSPA), by continuing the recognition of the RMC Saint-Jean Ethics Committee, by setting up new programmes for teachers, the EDS Research Fund for Teachers (FREDS) and the Start-up Funds; by further engaging our research community with our community, the Centre d’expertise et de formation sur les intégrismes religieux (CEFIR) at Cégep Édouard Montpetit, the Haut Richelieu business incubator and the Inno Secur NPO.

The RMC Saint-Jean Annual Report of Research Activities will be enriched next year with the addition of many researchers who joined our ranks this year. I hope you will be looking forward to it, as much as we are, as defence or research community members.

Roch Legault
Dean of Research
RMC Saint-Jean

2017-2019 Year-in-Review

$485 652

Language Department

The Language Department of the Royal Military College Saint-Jean offers twenty academic courses in English and French as a Second Language. These post-secondary courses are accredited by Quebec’s Ministry of Education, and Higher Education. Students must pass their language courses in order to receive a college diploma. Prior to the beginning of their first semester at RMC Saint-Jean, students take a placement test in order to be streamed in one of five levels of instruction ranging from beginning to advanced. The goals of all language courses are to help prepare students for university studies in a wide range of disciplines, and to develop students’ abilities to communicate effectively as future officers in the Canadian Armed Forces.

All college students in Quebec must take a minimum of two credited language courses: one general course aimed at developing communicative competencies in each of the four global linguistic skills, and one programme specific course aimed at developing language knowledge, skills, and abilities that are required to discuss their field of studies. The Department also offers non-credit courses to officer cadets who must continue to upgrade their second language proficiency levels in order to meet National Defence standards.

In addition to teaching, faculty members in the Language Department develop new material, structure bilingualism and cultural programmes, organize cultural activities and events to promote bilingualism, act as mentors to the students, manage projects, and conduct research, notably in the following areas:

Sara Trottier (2018-2019)
Sophie Normandin (2017-2018)
Language Department
RMC Saint-Jean


Wells, Margaret

Wells, M. (2017, September). Teaching through trauma and crisis. Colloquy Pathways to Education, Montreal, QC.


Boucher, Krystel

Normandin, Sophie

Serebrenik, Aleksandra

Department of Sciences

The mission of the Department of Science (DoS) is to strive towards excellence in teaching science courses to the College’s officer cadets, developing research projects, publishing findings in scientific journals, and presenting results in highly recognized international scientific meetings.

The teaching staff offers high-quality education and organizes many activities allowing the officer cadets to develop and widen their scientific knowledge. Among others, the Maths & Science Club’s conferences, the annual scientific outing and the integrative activity in science projects present the officer cadets with a rich and diverse menu to an existing high-level academic programmes.

Professors represent the College by participating in many activities of the scientific and academic community. Professor Danialou published a paper in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism. Professor Lavigne is a member of the steering group committee for the worldwide OSeMOSYS project. He chairs a session at the INFORMS international meeting where he also shares his work. Professor Kéou works on a project on vascular thromboses (in collaboration with the GIREF) and on another project on the problem of swelling at the outlet of a channel (in collaboration with a researcher from the University of Montreal).

Besides chemist Professor Piché who has been working at RMC Saint-Jean since the summer of 2016, four new positions have been filled in January 2018 : Professors Boudreault, Giguère and Rempel and Mrs. Plante who is a teaching assistant.

Denis Lavigne
Science Department
RMC Saint-Jean


Danialou, Gawiyou La restriction du débit sanguin associé à un exercice de faible intensité comme nouvelle thérapie pour lutter contre l’obésité PRACD $4,000$ 2018
$4,000$ 2019
Danialou, Gawiyou N/A STRN $4,500$ 2019
Kéou, Rodrigue Modélisation et Simulation de la Dynamique des Corps Immergés (Globules Rouges, Molécules) PRACD $3,250$ 2017-2018
$3,450$ 2018-2019
Lavigne, Denis Outil d’évaluation et de projection des gaz à effet de serre au sein des FAC PRACD $2,200$ 2017-2018


A. Articles publiés dans des périodiques avec comité de lecture

Danialou, Gawiyou

Andrich, D. E., Melbouci, L., Ou, Y., Auclair, N., Mercier, J., Grenier, J.-C. … St-Pierre, D. H. (2019). A Short-Term High-Fat Diet Alters Glutathione Levels and IL-6 Gene Expression in Oxidative Skeletal Muscles of Young Rats. Frontiers in Physiology, 10 (372), 1-10.
Andrich, D. E., Melbouci, L., Ou, Y., Leduc-Gaudet, J. P., Chabot, F., Lalonde, F., … St-Pierre, D. H. (2018). Altered Feeding Behaviors and Adiposity Precede Observable Weight Gain in Young Rats Submitted to a Short-Term High-Fat Diet.Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism. doi:10.1155/2018/1498150
Andrich, D. E., Ou, Y., Melbouci, L., Leduc-Gaudet, J.-P., Auclair, N., Mercier, J., … St-Pierre, D. H. (2018). Altered Lipid Metabolism Impairs Skeletal Muscle Force in Young Rats Submitted to a Short-Term High-Fat Diet. Frontiers in Physiolog, 9(1327), 1-12. doi:10.3389/fphys.2018.01327

Giguère, Alexandre

Giguère, A., Erzernhof, M. & Mayou, D. (2018). Surface Plasmon Polariton-Controlled Molecular Switch. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 122(35), 20083-20089.

Oral & Poster Presentations

Giguère, Alexandre

Giguère, A. (2018, July). Surface Plasmon Polariton-Controlled Molecular Switch. Canadian Symposium on Theoretical and Computational Chemistry (CSTCC), Windsor, ON.

Lavigne, Denis

Lavigne, D. (2017, October). OSeMOSYS Energy Models: Introducing Elasticity. INFORMS, Houston, United States.


Danialou, Gawiyou



Danialou, Gawiyou

Supervision of laboratory internship

Lavigne, Denis

Session presidency - conference

Lavigne, Lavigne, D. (2017, October). Use and Enhance Energy Models to Get Insightful Results. INFORMS, Houston, United States.

Department of Humanities & Social Sciences

The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences provides officer cadets with the range of humanities and literature courses essential to their education - not only for the completion of the requirements for the D.C.S., and for the satisfaction of the prerequisites for their transition to Royal Military College of Canada - but also towards the objective of developing future officers who possess excellent knowledge of general culture. Emphasis is equally placed on mastery of written and oral expression. In addition to teaching, professors within the department also develop pedagogical material, organize various cultural activities, and conduct research in the following areas:




Political Science:



Annick Girard (2018-2019)
Danic Parenteau (2017-2018)
Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
RMC Saint-Jean

Research Funding

Caumartin, Anne Lettres d’amour et de guerre : Correspondance d’Olivar Asselin à son épouse (1916-1919) CDARP $8,318 2017-2018
$2,000 2018-2019
Caumartin, Anne Strategic cluster for the planning of CRILCQ: release form teaching duties Quebec Research Funds $32,000 2017-2018
$32,000 2018-2019
Caumartin, Anne Strategic cluster for the planning of CRILCQ: Statutory supplement (cost of research) Quebec Research Funds $7,000 2017-2018
$7,000 2018-2019
Charbonneau, Bruno Senior scholar, Global Affaires Canada Government of Canada $248,812 2018-2019
Charbonneau, Bruno Senior scholar, Intervention and the Transformation of Sahelian States in the Context of Violent Extremism SSHRC $93,734 2019
Charbonneau, Bruno N/A CDARP $5,000 2019
Courtois, Charles-Philippe Les journaux canadiens-français et la crise de la conscription, 1917-1918 PRACD $6,300 2017-2018
$3,900 2018-2019
SSHRC $1,500 2017-2018
Girard, Annick Le travestissement sonore, fondements et concepts CDARP $4,400 2017-2018
Imbeault, Marc Les intégrismes religieux au Canada et la radicalisation : vulgarisation et éducation populaire. SSHRC $1,000 2017-2018
Norris, Nanette 1917: War Shock & Trauma in the lives & work of D.H. Lawrence & Richard Aldington CDARP $4,500 2017-2018
Parenteau, Danic Le développement de la culture générale dans la formation intellectuelle des élèves-officiers dans les académies CDARP $6,038 2017-2018
Parenteau, Danic Spanish translation of the monograph Les idéologies politiques : le clivage gauche-droite (2017) CRSH $750 2017-2018


A. Articles published in peer-reviewed journals

Charbonneau, Bruno

Charbonneau, B. (2019). Le Mali, épicentre de l’instabilité du Sahel. Les Grands Dossiers de Diplomatie. L’état des conflits, (48).
Charbonneau, B. (2019). Mali : les défis de la résolution des conflits. Canadian Journal of African Studies.

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B. Monographs & Chapters in a monograph

Courtois, Charles-Philippe

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Girard, Annick

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Parenteau, Danic and Parenteau, Ian

Parenteau, D. & Parenteau, I. (2017).Les idéologies politiques : le clivage gauche-droite. Quebec, Quebec: Presses de l’Université du Québec.

C. Articles published in non-peer reviewed journals

Charbonneau, Bruno

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Courtois, Charles-Philippe

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Courtois, C.-P. (2018, May). L’île sœur : l’Irlande comme autrui significatif pour les nationalistes canadiens-français, d’une crise de conscription à l’autre. Symposium Le Québec et ses autrui significatifs, Montreal, QC.
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Girard, Annick

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Imbeault, Marc

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Legault, Roch

Legault, R. (2018, November). Une mémoire savante défaillante : "L'histoire militaire" et l'histoire de la Première Guerre mondiale dans les programmes de baccalauréat au Québec. Défis et enjeux de l'après-guerre au Québec, 1918-1919, Royal Military College Saint-Jean, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC.

Norris, Nanette

Norris, N. (2018, May). Ingress: Augmented Reality Gaming as Cultural Resistance. Ninth Oceanic Popular Culture Association Conference, Honolulu, United States.

Parenteau, Danic

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Oral & Poster Presentations

Courtois, Charles-Philippe

Courtois, C.-P. (2017, May). La crise de la conscription et les journaux canadiens-français : le cas de l’Irlande dans l’argumentaire des opposants les plus virulents à la conscription. Canadian Historical Association Congress, Toronto, ON.
Courtois, C.-P. (2017, December). Les mutations du nationalisme canadien-français, des Patriotes à aujourd’hui. Journée d’étude : identités nationales/identités régionales dans l'espace francophone (Europe et Amérique du Nord) de 1960 à nos jours, Montreal, QC.

Imbeault, Marc

Imbeault, M. (2018, November).Quelques enjeux éthiques des missions médicales à court termes. Activités scientifiques en sciences de la santé. Rouyn-Noranda, QC.

Norris, Nanette

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Parenteau, Danic

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Parenteau, D. (2019, February). La montée du populisme en Occident le peuple contre l'élite. Université du Troisième Âge - Université de Sherbrooke, Chambly, QC.


Charbonneau Bruno

Discussions & expert view



Evaluation – Application from a malian refugee

Evaluations – Articles & scientific publications

Video conferences - MOOC

Trainings & workshops

Courtois, Charles-Philippe


Assessor – Master thesis

Lapré, S. (2017). Léo-Paul Desrosiers, correspondant à Ottawa pour Le Devoir (1920-1927) : le discours autonomiste au cœur de l’idéologie nationaliste. (Master thesis). Retrieved from

Imbeault, Marc

Senior scholar


Programme board member


Parenteau, Danic

Content Assessor
Jury board member for the Ottawa City Award, Ottawa, May 2019.

Norris, Nanette

Conference organization
Organizer of the "First Annual D. H. Lawrence Virtual Conference for Graduate Students", April 15th 2017.

Mobilization of Research

Charbonneau, Bruno

Charbonneau, B. (2019, March 27). Faire la paix au Mali : les limites de l’acharnement contre-terroriste. Le Monde. Retrieved from
Charbonneau, B. (2019, March 27). Faire la paix au Mali : les limites de l’acharnement contre-terroriste. Le Monde Afrique. Retrieved from
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Courtois, Charles-Philippe

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Parenteau, Danic

Radio interview

Arsenault, M.-L. (2018, August 21). Campagne électorale au Québec : des microslogans à l’ère des mots-clics. Plus on est fou, plus on lit [radio]. Retrieved from

Article in a newspaper

Parenteau, D. (2018, September 25). L’élection générale ne scellera pas le sort de l’option indépendantiste. Le Devoir, pp. A7.

Richard, Béatrice

Berthou, Y. (2018, November 13). Centenaire de la Grande Guerre : au Canada, l’histoire du "Bataillon noir" refait surface. La Croix. Retrieved from


Caumartin, Anne

Lettre of opinion

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Charbonneau, Bruno

Co-author of a report

Centre FrancoPaix. Stabiliser le Mali : les défis de la résolution des conflits. Retrieved from

Article – Webpage

Charbonneau, B. (2018, June 28). Counter-terrorism and Challenges to Peacekeeping Impartiality. International Peace Institute Global Observatory. Retrieved from

Conference organization

Guest: Colonel Chris McKenna, International Centre for the Study of the Profession of Arms (ICSPA), Royal Military College Saint-Jean, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC, May 31st 2019.

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Charbonneau, B. (2019, May 1). La situation sécuritaire au centre du Mali : un entretien avec l’ancien premier ministre Moussa Mara. UQAM, Montreal, QC.
Charbonneau, B. & Chebli, D. (2018, October 1). La guerre au Mali : d’une lutte politique à des conflits communautaires ?. UQAM, Montreal, QC.
Charbonneau, B, Farrah, R. et Bencherif, A. (2019, April 29). Crime-terror nexus dans l’espace sahélo-saharien : mythes, réalités et conséquences. UQAM, Montreal, QC.
Charbonneau, B., & Eizenga, D. (2019, February 6). La transition politique au Burkina Faso ou la démocratisation inévitable. UQAM, Montreal, QC.
Charbonneau, B., Sears, J. & Eizenga, D. (2019, March 21). Le Mali et l’avenir des États sahéliens : interventions et transformations dans un contexte d’extrémisme violent. UQAM, Montreal, QC.
Charbonneau, B. & Lemay-Hébert, N. (2019, April). Cartographie critique et interventions : les zones de sécurité en Haïti. UQAM, Montreal, QC.

Supervision of students

Community Support

Courtois, Charles-Philippe

Guest speaker

Courtois, C.-P. (2017, November). Lionel Groulx, un des pères de la Révolution tranquille ?. Conférences de la Société d’histoire de Saint-Hyacinthe, Saint-Hyacinthe, QC.
Courtois, C.-P. (2018, janvier). Lionel Groulx, un des pères de la Révolution tranquille ?. Conférences de la Société d’histoire du Haut-Richelieu, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC.
Courtois, C.-P. (2018, March). Maurice Duplessis : légende noire ou réputation justifiée ?. Conférences de la Société d’histoire Vaudreuil, Vaudreuil, QC.
Courtois, C.-P. (2018, March).Maurice Duplessis : légende noire ou réputation justifiée ?. Conférences de la Société d’histoire du Haut-Richelieu, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC.

Symposium organizer

Imbeault, Marc

Articles - Miscellaneous

Imbeault, M. (2017). Les citoyens du monde à la rescousse de leur planète. Retrieved from
Imbeault, M. (2017). Marcel Bellavance (1939-2017). Bulletin de la Société historique du Canada, 43(2), 34. Retrieved from

Guest speaker

Board of Directors, committee and & collaboration

Norris, Nanette

Richard, Béatrice

Colloquy organizor


Guest historian, Commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the Dieppe Raid, Montreal, QC, August 17th 2017.

Professional Military Education Department

Since 2003, members of the Professional Military Education Department (PMED) have participated in the professional development of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) non-commissioned members (NCMs). As of 2015, they teach at the Chief Warrant Officer Robert Osside Profession of Arms Institute (Osside Institute) of Royal Military College Saint-Jean.

Four development programmes are offered by the Osside Institute, being the Intermediate Leadership Programme (ILP), leading to a promotion to the rank of Warrant Officer; the Advanced Leadership Programme (ALP), leading to a promotion to the rank of Master Warrant Officer; the Senior Leadership Programme (SLP), leading to a promotion to the rank of Chief Warrant Officer; and the Senior Appointment Programme (SAP), allowing Chief Warrant Officers to be designated to a senior appointment position. The PMED members teach the totality of the distance curriculum and actively participate within the residential courses, in close collaboration with its military directing instructor staff.

Comprised exclusively of historians and political scientists, research interest of the department’s members initially focused on military history. Research projects led teachers to trace Canadian soldiers in Vimy (France), in Sicily (Italy), in Medak (Croatia) and in Cyprus. These research projects aimed at enhancing the Institute’s courses but also led to the publication of journal articles and the production of a documentary film.

Over the years, the Osside Institute’s programmes content and the research interests of the teachers have evolved. Thus, in developing their course content and in getting to know their clientele, PMED staff have developed a particular expertise in its main field of focus, being the evolution of the profession of arms and more specifically the professional development of NCMs. Through the years, they have become references for the CAF on these issues which never hesitate to consult them when they feel the need. Consequently, they have been involved in the development of the content for all NCM professional development programmes and have participated in the Strategic Employment Project and NCM 2030 project which demonstrate the important role they play in the advancement of the profession of arms in Canada.

The specific needs of the Osside Institute programmes have also allowed teachers to deepen their knowledge and led to research in fields such as systems thinking, complexification of warfare (women, peace and security agenda), military sociology as well as ethics. This expertise has been recognized by the CAF.

In addition to their primary responsibility in the education of NCMs, the PMED teachers are also fully engaged in the Royal Military College Saint-Jean’s mission of promoting its national and international influence while supporting other departments of the Academic wing in their tasks toward officer cadets.

Manisha Patel
Professional Military Education Department
RMC Saint-Jean


B. Monographs & Chapters in a Monograph

Djebabla-Brun, Mourad

Couture, J. A. & Djebabla-Brun, D. (2018). Du Saint-Laurent au Rhin : carnets de guerre 1914-1918. Quebec, Quebec: Septentrion.

Oral & Poster Presentations

Djebabla-Brun, Mourad

Djebabla-Brun, M, (2017, December). De Dominion à Nation : la mémoire de la Première Guerre mondiale au service d’un idéal national canadien (1919-2014). Colloque annuel (2017) de la Société française d’histoire des outre-mers, Paris, France.
Djebabla-Brun, M. (2018, May). Dans l’ombre de l’effort de guerre alimentaire canadien en 1914-1918 : les profiteurs de guerre ou "Boches du terroir". Symposium L'argent immoral et les profiteurs de la guerre (1870-1945), Paris, France.
Djebabla-Brun, M. (2018, June). La mémoire du combattant canadien de 14-18 au travers les commémorations : de l’approche impériale à l’affirmation nationale canadienne (1919-2017). Colloquy War Memories, Kingston, ON.

Mobilization of Research

Djebabla-Brun, Mourad

Martinez, P. (2018, November 15). Joseph Alphonse Couture, un soldat canadien atypique qui a écrit l’histoire. Radio Canada International. Retrieved from
Teisceira-Lessar, P. (2017, July 8). L’armée croit s’être réconciliée avec les Québécois. La Presse+.


Djebabla-Brun, Mourad

Colloquy organization

Scientific committee member, Colloquy Défis et enjeux de l’après-guerre au Québec, 1918-1919 et après, Royal Military College Saint-Jean, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC, November 9th-10th 2018.

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