Bachelor’s Degree in International Studies

« I am Officer Cadet Patrick Chartier. I arrived at Royal Military College Saint-Jean in 2016 and am now part of the first class of the new International Studies degree programme. I chose this programme for its relevance to my role, upon graduation, as an officer. I have truly come to enjoy the eye-opening nature of this degree; its outlook allows a better understanding of global events. So far, I was given many opportunities, not only in terms of learning, but in terms of travel and professional development as well….and it’s not over yet! »


« I am Officer Cadet Marc-Antoine Giguère and I am enjoying my experience at Royal Military College Saint-Jean for several reasons: this experience allows me to get to know myself and leads me to develop my physical, psychological, linguistic, educational and military skills. Thereby not only does the International Studies programme give me the chance to get to know different cultures and languages, but it also allows me to understand how the world of politics works at the international level while developing as a future leader and a Canadian citizen. »


College Programs

« I am Officer Cadet Maya Labrecque. It's been a little over a year since I arrived at Royal Military College Saint-Jean and I like it a lot. The friends I've been able to make, the opportunities offered and the people of influence I met were all extraordinary things that I never thought I would experience. I like studying at the College because it allows me to pursue my studies while doing some military exercises and having fun. Since I have been here, I find that I am a better person, that I am positive, and that I benefit my entourage. At first, I did not think I would like the college, but now, there is nothing in the world that could beat the pleasure of being here. »



« I am Sébastien Beauregard and I am the Director of Athletics at Royal Military College Saint-Jean. This highly stimulating work environment requires close collaboration between the different departments. The staff is dedicated and works hard to make this institution unique. I feel privileged to work with this team and to contribute on a daily basis to the education of officer cadets and help develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle. They will ultimately need to guide their troops and be ambassadors of good physical condition, and it is the role of the Fitness and Sports Department to stimulate them. This is why, through our programme, we are constantly working to offer a multitude of opportunities to develop their knowledge, skills and abilities related to fitness and sports. »


« My name is Sara Trottier, I am the director of the Language Department at Royal Military College Saint-Jean. My role with officer cadets is to put everything in place to enable them to acquire a proficiency level in their second official language and, for those who wish, in Spanish, as a third language. But above all that, what we are aiming for as a team at the Language Department is to make it fun for officer cadets to use the "other language" and foster the development of lasting relationships with their peers. »

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