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Starting your research?

We recommend that you begin your research in general, encyclopedic resources. Here are several resources to focus on before - or to combine with - a visit to Wikipedia.

You can also explore the monographs (books) available in the library collection. For this 1st research, you should focus on recent wide-ranging works. These will allow you to position your subject in a more global context. You’ll find references to other works on your subject (by consulting the bibliographies) along with keywords and subject headings to use in a second, more precise phase of research.

For example, a book from the Very Short Introductions collection will provide an excellent introduction to a specific subject.

  • Encyclopaedia Britannica Academic  

    Britannica Academic offers quick and easy access to valuable, comprehensive information. It is an encyclopedia, a dictionary (Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary and Thesaurus) and an atlas. It also provides access to magazines and periodicals, as well as many primary sources. These are a variety of reliable, useful sources when starting an academic research.

  • Oxford Bibliographies 

    Oxford Bibliographies offers faculty and students quick access to accurate and reliable annotated bibliographies on a variety of academic subjects. Written and reviewed by academic experts, each article in this database is an authoritative guide to current research, with original commentary and annotations.

  • Oxford Research Encyclopedia 

    In collaboration with international academic communities in all fields of study, the Oxford Research Encyclopedias maintains comprehensive collections of in-depth, peer-reviewed abstracts on a vast range of topics. The resource has over 15,000 articles to date.

  • The Map as History

    The Map as History offers an extensive collection of animated historical maps. To date, it contains more than 220 maps, covering all eras - from ancient Greece to the 20th century - and it is regularly updated.

Ready to dig further?

Now that you have a better grasp of your topic, it is time to explore specialized monographs (eBooks and printed) and scientific articles (databases).

The library's print collection remains a reliable and valuable resource at this stage of your research project. Use what you’ve learned during your information literacy trainings. Use subject headings and evaluate your sources depending on your context.


The library provides eBooks in English and French to meet your needs. Here are our eBook platforms:

  • EBSCO eBook Collection 

    More than 400,000 eBooks are available on this platform, from renowned publishing houses such as Routledge and university presses such as Cambridge, Yale and Oxford.

  • Proquest eBook Central 

    This resource offers more than 70,000 titles (mostly in English), from world-renowned publishers, including several university presses.

  • Scholarvox International

    ScholarVox International has a catalog of more than 71,000 titles from more than 500 French and international publishing houses. Titles on all the disciplines taught at university are available here, as well as numerous guides, educational books, novels, comics...

  • Canada Commons  Government publications

    Canada Commons - formerly Deslibris - is used by all kinds of libraries - academic, corporate, government, legal and public. It brings rare, hard-to-find content from Canada that’s relevant to a wide range of studies including Sociology, Anthropology, Business and Economics. No other database has such extensive coverage of Canadian materials. It provides government reports and publications, but also more than 14,000 books in published English.

  • Pretnumerique.ca (MS 365 connection required)

    PRETNUMERIQUE.CA is a Quebec ebook platform offering novels of all kinds and documentaries. Downloaded books will be able to be read on many devices: tablets, computers, smart phones, etc. These ebooks are “time-degradable”, i.e. they are returned automatically at the end of the loan period, when downloaded to an electronic device.

Databases (articles)

Each database has its own features. Do not hesitate to check the help topics - especially the search help - that each database offers.

Most databases offer the possibility of creating a personal account. By doing this you will be able to save your searches, easily produce bibliographies and create bookmarks.
  • PressReader (NEW)

    PressReader provides interactive, digital access to nearly 7,000 of the world’s best newspapers and magazines. With the ability to perform keyword searches across all titles, and save both stories and full publications, readers are sure to find the stories they’re looking for. With access to PressReader, users can read everything from local news stories to pop culture magazines, industry reports, and national opinion pieces.

  • EBSCO Academic Search Ultimate 

    Academic Search Ultimate provides students and faculty access to an unprecedented collection of full-text peer-reviewed journals. More than 5300 journals are available in all fields of knowledge. Also available is extensive audio-visual content (videos, images, etc.)

  • Proquest 

    Proquest offers a wide variety of scholarly publications (peer-reviewed or not) and magazine articles covering more than 150 subjects and disciplines. To date, more than 166,940,000 documents have been indexed in this database, of which over 45,600,000 are peer-reviewed. It contains primary and secondary sources from a wide selection of document types.

    Default search is in 13 databases simultaneously. You might want to target one or two of them to better refine your results (eg SciTech Premium Collection for a science research).
  • JSTOR 

    JSTOR provides access to over 12 million scientific articles, books and primary sources in 75 disciplines. The collections include renowned peer-reviewed periodicals, as well as respected literary magazines, monographs written by experts, research papers from recognized institutions and primary sources.

  • Eureka  Current News and Newspapers

    Eureka is a database of English and French language newspaper articles covering Canadian and international news. National, international, regional and local news from newspapers, dailies and magazines are available in full text. In addition, you can search other primary sources such as radio and television broadcasts, blog articles, news wires and websites. You can also access reports and publications specializing in economics, finance and environment.

  • Oxford Handbooks Online

    Oxford Handbooks Online is a collection of articles (+23000) and books (+1000) in many different fields. This resource contains in-depth, high-level articles written by academics at the top of their field. A resource that can effectively bridge the gap between encyclopedic research and a 2nd phase of research on a precise subject.

  • HeinOnline Academic  Law

    A preferred resource for your legal research, Hein Online contains more than 30,000 titles and 100,000 volumes. It’s also the home of more than 2,700 periodicals. The database contains the Revised Statutes of Canada, the Annual Statutes, Reports of the Supreme Court of Canada and the current, historical and revised content of the Provincial Statutes of Canada. International content includes past and current constitutions of all countries of the world and international jurisprudence.

  • Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) 

    DOAJ is a community-run online repository of this associative organization that indexes scientific articles and offers users free access to over 15,000 high-quality peer-reviewed scientific journals - primarily in the sciences. To date it contains more than 5 million articles.

  • Canadiana 

    This virtual library offers an extensive collection of primary, full-text sources on Canadian history, including books, periodicals and official documents. This documentation includes prints dating from the time of the first European settlers until the middle of the 20th century.

  • Journal of Chemical Education

  • Open Edition  

    Open Edition is a free platform for journals in the humanities and social sciences. Founded in 1999, it now hosts more than 540 online publications, or more than 150,000 articles. You will also find more than 10,000 free access e-books there.

  • CAIRN  

    CAIRN is not only an encyclopedic resource and e-book platform, but it is also access to over 500 social science journals in French, as well as several popular magazines.

  • Repère   Bibliographic

    Repère is an analytical index that allows you to find information published since 1980 in French-language periodicals published in Quebec, elsewhere in Canada, in France, Belgium and Switzerland. These periodicals are general or specialized in nature and cover all areas of knowledge. To date, the resource has over 668,000 references - mostly bibliographic.

  • Érudit 

    Érudit offers more than 230 scholarly and cultural journals on its platform, providing access to one of the largest corpus of French-language research documents. It contains, among other things, conference proceedings, master's theses and doctoral theses, as well as scientific articles from the French-speaking world.

    Add the Persée and NRC Research Press resources to your advanced search in Érudit to broaden your search scope.
Dictionaries and reference sources
Audiovisual resources
Access to most of these resources is limited to the College Campus only.
  • ONF Campus 

    NFB.ca is the online viewing space of the National Film Board of Canada. Over 3000 films make up the NFB's collection - animations, documentaries, experimental films, fictions and interactive works. They take a stand on global issues important to Canadians: the environment, human rights, international conflicts, the arts, and more.

  • Curio.ca

    The Curio.ca platform gives teachers and students streaming access to the best educational content from CBC. Here you will find TV and radio documentaries, news reports, archival documents, credits footage and more.

    This is over 6,500 reports, documentaries, series and teacher's guides available on Curio and its associated channels: BBC & National Geographic.

  • Audio Ciné Films  Recent blockbusters

    Streaming platform, providing access to nearly a thousand movies in English and French.

  • Criterion on demand  Cinema classics

    Streaming platform, providing access to more than 2000 films and documentaries, in English and French.

You have questions about our electronic resources or you need help? Do not hesitate to contact us! library@cmrsj-rmcsj.ca

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