RMC Saint-Jean Board of Governors

The Royal Military College Saint-Jean (RMC Saint-Jean) Board of Governors provides advice and recommendations to the Minister of National Defence concerning all matters related to RMC Saint-Jean. It also works at improving lines of communication with both College alumni and the community in order to enhance resources for the operation of the College, as well as ensuring that officer professional military education remains at the forefront of policy. The Terms of Reference for the Board were approved by the Honourable Peter MacKay in 2011. The Board derives its authority from Queen's Regulations and Orders for the Canadian Military Colleges.

Members of the Board are prominent Canadians, the majority of whom are civilian appointed by the Minister, who is also the Chancellor and President of the College. Hence, the Board is an important source of external advice for the Minister on all matters pertaining to the professional education of Canadian Armed Forces officers.

For further information concerning the RMC Saint-Jean Board of Governors, please contact the Executive Secretary at 613-541-5010, ext. 8472 or by e-mail at Marie-Josee.Landry@forces.gc.ca.

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