Stéphane Gaskin




GASKIN, Stéphane


  • Intermediate Leadership Programme


  • Post-doctoral studies in Psychology: Concordia University (2007-2009), University of California in San Diego (2006-2007)
  • PhD in Psychology: McGill University
  • Master in Psychology: Concordia University


Stephane Gaskin obtained a PhD degree in psychology from McGill University where he studied the neurobiology of learning and memory. Stephane then pursued his studies as a postdoctoral researcher at both the University of California in San Diego and Concordia University in Montréal from which he also obtained a personal and professional coaching certification. Stephane then taught a variety of psychology and neuroscience courses at both the college and university level. Much of Stephane's research was published in international scientific journals. He has also published a textbook of behavioural neuroscience.

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