François Martel




MARTEL, François


  • Intermediate Leadership Programme
  • Advanced Leadership Programme
  • Senior Leadership Programme


  • M.A. History (UdeM)


François Martel Lacoursière obtained his master’s degree in History from the University of Montreal in 2007. He worked on relations between military institutions, political leaders and German society from the dismissal of Bismarck to the beginning of the First World War. He completed his bachelor’s degree at the Université du Québec à Montréal, specialising both on the Ancient and Contemporary eras.

François worked as a high school teacher and football coach. In the course of his career, he travelled to such countries as England, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Austria and Turkey. He also lived in Berlin for a few of months on a study trip organized with the Humboldt Universität.

  • Civil-Military Relationship
  • Educational Applications of Video Games
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