Lisa Tanguay

Office: de Léry A-3013

Telephone : (450) 358-6777, ext. 5994






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  • Advanced Leadership Programme
  • Senior Leadership Programme
  • Senior Appointment Programme


M.A. History (Laval)


Lisa Tanguay obtained a Bachelor’s degree in history from University of Montreal in 2001. From 2002 to 2003 she pursued an internship in Russian studies at the State University of Social Sciences in Moscow, where she also taught French and history.

She completed a Master’s degree in history at Laval University in 2005. Her thesis focused on the memory of the Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin. Mrs. Tanguay has been teaching at the Osside Institute, formerly known as the Non-Commissioned Members Professional Development Centre, since 2005. Recently, her research focused on the involvement of the CAF in ex-Yugoslavia, more specifically in the Medak Pocket Operation (UNPROFOR 1993). She also worked on questions pertaining to Non-Commissioned Members’ educational system. Mrs. Tanguay is currently conducting research on military customs and traditions as well as the creation of the CFCWO position in 1978.

  • Military Customs and Traditions
  • Military Ethics
  • History of Canada’s Foreign and Defence Policies
  • Canadian Armed Forces Professional Development System
  • Complexification of Peacekeeping Operations
  • History of Remembrance and Representation in Russia
  • Kathia Légaré and Lisa Tanguay, “Use of Force by UN Peacekeepers: Application of the Medak Agreement in September 1993”, Canadian Military Journal, Vol 9, No. 3, 2009,
  • Maxime Rondeau and Lisa Tanguay, “What Education Should Non-Commissioned Members Receive?”, Canadian Military Journal, Vol. 13, No. 3, Summer 2013,
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