Hall of Fame

The Royal Military College Saint-Jean Hall of Fame recognizes those who have brilliantly contributed to the CAF, their community and Canadian society and whose careers was greatly influenced or related to Royal Military College Saint-Jean – either as students or staff. The intent here is to inspire young officer cadets who will come to pass through Royal Military College Saint-Jean's lines for years to come, by demonstrating that the same path has been taken by successful personalities. This initiative is not intended to replace or duplicate the recognition provided by the Royal Military College of Canada's Wall of Honour; rather it is intended to recognize those who have studied or worked at Royal Military College Saint-Jean specifically.


Any potential candidate must have studied at, been employed as a member of the faculty or staff at, or have had a notable involvement with Royal Military College Saint-Jean over the course of its existence since 1952.

Recognition can extend to any area of professional endeavor including, but not limited to, academia, arts, athletics, business, military, professional services, public service, religion, science and technology. Demonstrated personal characteristics consistent with those that the military colleges strive to achieve and sustain will be sought throughout the evaluation process.

There are no quotas as to the number of candidacies, and it is expected that a very low proportion of the pool of potential candidates will qualify and that candidates would usually be close to the end of their careers, retired or deceased.

Those who occupy, or are candidates for, elective office are not eligible during that time.



This category is reserved for graduates from a Canadian Military College who have attended one year at Royal Military College Saint-Jean and have had an exemplary military career. One of the following criteria must be fulfilled in order to be considered in this category:

  • The rank of LGen must have been reached during the member's career;
  • The member must have received recognition in the form of the Star of Military Valour or higher.


Reserved to those persons who have contributed greatly to enhancing Royal Military College Saint-Jean's reputation; this category includes:

  • Alumni who have attended Royal Military College Saint-Jean for a minimum of one year and who have had an outstanding career in a professional field other than the military;
  • Members of the staff or faculty, either civilian or military, who have been employed at Royal Military College Saint-Jean for a minimum of one year and who have contributed to enhancing the reputation of Royal Military College Saint-Jean through extended service, quality of teaching or work, collected works (i.e. publications, research), etc.

Selection Process

Candidates must reflect the qualities expressed in the Canadian Military Colleges motto both in their professional and personal lives. The following definitions will serve to guide the evaluation of nominations with respect to the listed criteria:

  • Truth: Truth implies not only speaking the truth, but loyalty and trust worthiness in thought and deed. It may be considered to promote further such basics as conformity with rules or standards, and facing reality. Thus, truth implies an inherent honesty of character based on a personal moral code of a high standard.
  • Duty: Duty refers, first and foremost, to officers' obligations and responsibilities which they must accept and perform on a day-to-day basis, making skilful use of their abilities and sound professional knowledge. Secondly, duty implies the other requirements officers must fulfill: promoting the welfare, efficiency and good discipline of all those who are subordinates; loyal support of superiors; and observation and enforcement of all orders, regulations rules and instructions.
  • Valour: Valour has a broader meaning, within which Truth and Duty may be considered as parts of the total concept. In its broad sense, the word Valour implies value, strength, courage and bravery. Thus, its inclusion in the military officers' personal credo should be understood in the broadest sense of the word, including all which makes officers of greater value to the Forces and, therefore, to their country.

Principal Selection Criteria

The following criteria must be evaluated:

  • Have achieved something of extraordinary significance at the national or international level;
  • Have a lifetime of achievements, or a single (probably world class) breakthrough achievement, whose effect is of lasting significance; and
  • Have favourably contributed to Royal Military College Saint-Jean's reputation.

Secondary Selection Criteria

The following criteria are desirable:

  • Be recognized for exceptional contributions by some outside body;
  • Have experience and recognition beyond Canada that demonstrate an international perspective and stature curriculum;
  • Be an ambassador for the four pillars of the Canadian Military Colleges (Academics - Leadership - Sports - Bilingualism); and
  • Demonstrate accomplishment in more than one field, making a lasting contribution to advancing the human condition – such may include, but is not limited to:
    • Involvement in academia, professional associations, corporate Boards of Directors, or by political participation;
    • Ability in public speaking and interaction with the media;
    • Involvement in sports;
    • Community involvement in volunteer or related activity, past or present;
    • Involvement in the arts.

Nomination Submissions

Nominations must include a detailed narrative demonstrating how the candidate fulfills the above mentioned criteria. A simple biography will not be sufficient for evaluation purposes although one should be included in addition to the narrative. The name and coordinates of the nominee, as well as the name and coordinates of the person nominating must also be included in the event that the selection committee may need further information. In the case of the nomination of a deceased person, a contact person within the family is required.

Submissions for evaluation will be considered annually and must be sent no later than 15 January of each year, by email to:


Although email is preferred, nominations can be sent by regular mail to the following address:

Mr. François Aubert
Royal Military College Saint-Jean
Garnison Saint-Jean
C.P. 100 Succursale Bureau-chef
Richelain, Qc, J0J 1R0

For more information concerning the Royal Military College Saint-Jean Hall of Fame, please contact Mr. Aubert at: francois.aubert@Forces.gc.ca.

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