Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame (HOF) of Royal Military College Saint-Jean (RMC Saint-Jean) was inaugurated in 2013. The establishment of this internal institution of RMC Saint-Jean aims to instill a sense of pride in officer cadets towards RMC Saint-Jean and thus motivate them to succeed by offering them examples to emulate. The concept is to visually present them with a range of illustrious Canadian personalities who have achieved a certain fame in civil or military society. The honorary frames of the inductees are displayed in the corridor on the 2nd floor of the de Léry pavilion, near the auditorium, a place regularly frequented by officer cadets during breaks between their courses and conferences.


The primary mission of the RMC Saint-Jean HOF is to recognize individuals who have provided exemplary service and/or made an exceptional contribution reflecting the values of RMC Saint-Jean. The trajectory of these personalities will inspire young officer cadets by demonstrating that their journey at RMC Saint-Jean, however short it may be, is one that several famous personalities have made before them.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligible candidates are those who have studied at RMC Saint-Jean or who have been employed by the College as faculty members or otherwise, or those who have maintained a close relationship over the years with the College, who are known as friends of RMC Saint-Jean.

Nominations may include key figures from any field of professional endeavour, including, but not limited to, the Canadian Armed Forces, academia, the arts, sports, business, professional services, public service, religious communities, science and technology. Personal characteristics that are evident and consistent with those that Canadian Military Colleges strive to achieve and maintain will be considered in the assessment.

There is no limit to the number of applications that can be received, but a very small number of applicants are expected to qualify. People holding an elective office, or applying for such a position, are not eligible until they have completed their term of office.


Renowned persons having received the endorsement of the Cmdt RMC Saint-Jean and the Advisory Committee may be inducted into the RMC Saint-Jean HOF in one of the following three categories:

Senior graduates or Ex-cadets

This category is reserved for individuals who have completed at least one year at RMC Saint-Jean and who have obtained a diploma from a Canadian Military College.


This category is reserved for faculty or staff members, both civilian and military, who have been employed at RMC Saint-Jean for a minimum of one year and who have contributed to enhancing the reputation of RMC Saint-Jean either by their performance or exceptional level of professionalism, the length of their service and the quality of their teaching or by the notoriety of their work (i.e., publications, research, etc.).


People of great notoriety who have made a remarkable contribution to the mission of RMC Saint-Jean, to the development of its programs, its attractiveness, its reputation and its influence at the provincial, national or international levels.


The personal and professional background of any candidate must reflect the qualities conveyed by the motto of the Canadian Military Colleges. The following definitions will be used to frame the evaluation of these criteria:

  1. Truth : The word "truth" not only implies saying what is true, but it also implies loyalty, honesty, and respect in thought and deed. It also implies the obligation to comply with the regulations and standards in force and to face reality. Therefore, truth implies honesty and a morality based on a high standard of personal code of conduct;
  2. Duty : "Duty" represents first and foremost the obligations and responsibilities that an individual must accept and fulfill conscientiously, day after day, making the most of one’s abilities and knowledge. In the second place, the word “duty” implies, for all individuals, the need to satisfy certain requirements: to ensure the well-being of subordinates, to obtain from them an effective performance and to maintain good discipline. In addition, one must be loyal to superiors and enforce orders, regulations, orders and instructions, and the Code of Military Ethics;
  3. Valour : The word "valour" has a broader meaning; it encompasses, among other things, the meaning of the words “truth” and “duty.” In its broadest sense, it encompasses the idea of strength, courage and bravery. Therefore, it must be considered in its broadest sense, as it includes everything that can make an individual more useful to the Canadian Armed Forces and to the country.

Specific and Essential Criteria

While the criteria listed are generic and apply to the vast majority of RMC Saint-Jean Ex-Cadets, on their own, they are not sufficient to justify induction into the RMC Saint-Jean HOF. To be recommended and accepted for induction, any appointment must clearly and compulsorily demonstrate one of the following criteria:

  1. Have achieved a large-scale national or international accomplishment whether in the military or the civilian sphere; or
  2. Have a life trajectory marked by achievements or a single major achievement of a national or international scope, of which the effect is of lasting importance; or
  3. To have favourably influenced the reputation of RMC Saint-Jean.

Additional Selection Criteria

The following criteria, while not essential to an induction, will add importance to a nomination.

  1. Be recognized by an external organization for an exceptional contribution;
  2. Have experience and recognition extending beyond the country that demonstrates international vision and reach;
  3. Represent an element of diversity and promotion of gender equality for the RMC Saint-Jean HOF;
  4. Be a fervent promoter of the four pillars of the Canadian Military Colleges’ curriculum (Studies—Leadership—Physical Fitness—Bilingualism); and or
  5. Have achievements in several fields, thus demonstrating a lasting contribution towards the profession of arms or the progression of the human condition. These accomplishments may include, but are not limited to, the following activities:
    • Involvement in higher education, professional associations, corporate boards of directors, political life;
    • Quality of speaker or interaction with the media;
    • Involvement in the sports field;
    • Philanthropic involvement;
    • Volunteer community involvement or related activities, both past and present; and
    • Involvements in the arts.

Nomination Process

Applications should be submitted using the online nomination form and accompanied by a biography. In the case of the nomination of a deceased person, the contact details of a family member who can act as a contact person will be required.

Applications will be examined annually and should be submitted no later than January 15 of each year.

Even if electronic sending is preferred, application files may be sent by post to:

RMC Saint-Jean Hall of Fame
Commandant’s Office
Royal Military College Saint-Jean
Saint-Jean Garrison
C.P. 100 Succursale Bureau-chef
Richelain, Qc, J0J 1R0

For more information on the Hall of Fame at Royal Military College Saint-Jean, please contact the generic mailbox by email: cmrsj-rsvp@forces.gc.ca.

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