Advanced Leadership Programme (ALP)

The aim of the Advanced Leadership Programme (ALP) is to prepare prospective chief petty officers 2nd class (CPO 2) and master warrant officers (MWO) for leadership positions and advanced advisory duties at the sub-unit level. The CPO 2/MWO occupies a unique position within the framework of each organization. The traditional role of the CPO 2/MWO has been to act as a supervisor and disciplinarian within the sub-unit and unit. Also the CPO 2/MWO plays an instrumental part in developing a strong officer and non-commissioned member team and fosters an atmosphere of partnership. The ALP is designed to develop knowledge and skills in areas related to these traditional roles. Subjects covered include:

  • Leadership;
  • Human resources management and administration;
  • Defense policies (civilian-military relations);
  • CAF operations;
  • Professional competencies (individual development);
  • History, customs and traditions; and
  • Science, technology and war.

Distance learning

The ALP consists of a ten-week distance learning course. This is an asynchronous course, which means that candidates may complete it at their own pace without having to observe a fixed schedule. This learning mode is a flexible and effective way to learn without having to attend classes or adhere to a strict timetable. Following registration, the candidate will receive a course manual with all the information, lessons, reading material, and instructions for course assignments. For the duration of the course, candidates benefit from the guidance of a teaching staff who can answer questions and will correct the candidate’s assignments.

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