Research Funding

Although academic research is part of the faculty's job, it is a faculty member's responsibility to find the money needed to carry out their research project. A variety of funding opportunities are available to them, both internally and externally. However, the procedures and requirements vary greatly from one funding source to another. In addition, because of the specific nature of the Royal Military College Saint-Jean as a government and military university, certain special conditions may apply, unlike other universities in the Quebec network.


To facilitate access to funding, the Research Office has the mandate to support researchers in their efforts to access these funds, by informing them of the opportunities available to them, by assisting them in the steps to be taken and by guiding them with regard to the management of funding. The Research Office also maintains an open and sustained channel of communication with the main public funders in Quebec and Canada in order to follow the developments that are taking place regarding the policies of the various grant competitions.

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