Guidelines ED-EDS Research Funding Program (FREDS) 2022-2023

1. Description

The ED-EDS Research Fund (FREDS) is an internal grant program that provides an opportunity for teachers with ED-EDS status (indeterminate) to have a one-time research need or research project they are conducting as part of their job funded.

2. Context

With the reopening of CMR Saint-Jean and the return of university status in 2021, academic staff must promote a culture of research in order for the College to take a place among the leaders in the growth of expertise and knowledge. In addition, FREDS will serve as a catalyst between the ED-EDS and UT staff groups by providing opportunities to work more closely together on research projects and thus foster collegiality among the College faculty. In this way, the outreach of CMR Saint-Jean will be amplified by the success of FREDS.

3. Objectives

The main objective of the FREDS program is to provide funding to develop the research skills of ED-EDS teachers. Through this program, they will be able to connect to the world of research. The specific objectives are:

4. Funding

The total annual amount dedicated to this funding program is $50,000; the amount was $25,000 for the initial year (2021-2022). It is open to CMR St-Jean ED-EDS teachers (undetermined) who have submitted an application for funding for a research project or a one-time research need.

The $50,000 will be divided into two components:

Uncommitted funds as of Friday, January 13, 2023 will be recouped by the Deanship of Research.

Funding for this program is subject to the availability of funds awarded by CMR St-Jean and the Canadian Defense Academy (CDA).

5. Eligibility

The FREDS funding program supports research needs and projects conducted individually or in teams by ED-EDS teachers. In the event that an ED-EDS teacher is working with a UT status colleague, the project or research need is eligible for the FREDS program only if the ED-EDS faculty member is the principal investigator.

6. Program Requirements

7. Funding Policy

The two funding modes of the FREDS program are as follows:

"Research Project" funding mode: The lead ED-EDS teacher must submit a research project and its budget before the end of the competition. The project is evaluated by a scientific committee on the basis of the quality of the project and its feasibility (see evaluation criteria, point 8). The Scientific Evaluation Committee recommends the project to the Research Dean's Office, which, on the Committee's recommendation, determines the amount of money to be allocated to the project (up to $6,000 per fiscal year) and the duration of the funding (up to two fiscal years).

“Research Needs" funding mode: ED-EDS teacher who wish to have a research need funded must fill out the application form for support for a one-time research need and may obtain up to a maximum of $2,500 per application. This request must be submitted at least two months prior to the need being addressed. Each request must be justified and is evaluated by the Dean of Research on the basis of its relevance to the realization of the research project. In exceptional cases, the teacher may submit more than one request.

Amounts reserved: Amounts are reserved for each funding stream until the competition deadline. After that date, funds are spent in chronological order, in accordance with eligibility requirements.

Fundable needs (valid for both individual and team FREDS program components)

8. Grant Award Committee

The Grant Selection Committee will be composed of four members, three of whom will be indeterminate staff and one external member of RMC Saint-Jean. It will be chaired by the Director of College Programs. The other two members will be selected on a voluntary basis from the indeterminate staff of the College. One must have UT status and the other ED-EDS.

The Committee will make recommendations to the Dean of Research for the awarding of grants; the Dean will make the final decision. The Committee evaluates each research project file according to the criteria set out in Table 1.

Table 1: Evaluation criteria for "Research Project" Funding Applications/caption>
Criteria Description Score
1. Quality of the proposal

The research proposal must be presented in such a way that the Committee is able to assess whether:

  1. The objectives are clearly and precisely expressed: This means that the Committee easily understands the purpose of the research.
  2. The research methodologies are relevant to the research: This means that the chosen methodologies are relevant to the research topics. In addition, the applicant is able to justify their relevance.
  3. The funding justification is detailed and relevant: This means that the amounts requested are detailed and relevant to the purpose of the research.
2. Capacity of the applicant

The research proposal must be presented in such a way that the Committee is able to assess whether:

  1. The applicant has the expertise to conduct the research: This assesses the extent of the applicant's publication, conference, teaching, and training history relevant to the research objectives.
3. Merit of the proposal

The research proposal must be presented in such a way that the Committee is able to assess whether:

  1. The proposal is feasible under the terms of the grant: This means that the applicant has considered conditions and limitations such as conducting the research during non-working hours, no abatement, travel authorization deadlines, research production schedule, ethics certification, etc.
4. Relevance of the proposal

The research project proposal must be presented in such a way that the Committee is able to assess whether:

  1. The proposal contributes to the mission and vision of RMC Saint-Jean, the Canadian Armed Forces, and/or the Department of National Defence.



9. Timeline

  Deadline Type of grant
Call for Proposals July 7, 2022 2 components of the "Research Project" funding mode
Application deadline September 15, 2022 Funding mode "Research project"
Committee Deliberation August 2022 Funding mode "Research project"
Announcement of results September 2022 End of october2022

* Please note that requests for funding under the “research needs” funding mode can be submitted continuously throughout the year until the funds are exhausted.

10. Results

The Application Evaluation Committee will submit the report of its evaluations to the Dean of Research after deliberation. It will be up to the Dean to announce the results of the competition to the applicants. All applicants will be able to avail themselves of an interview with the Dean in order to understand the decision taken.

11. Follow-ups

The FREDS program is an innovative initiative of RMC Saint-Jean. After each competition, an analysis and review of the procedures to be carried out. Thus, the Research Dean is committed to contributing to a culture of continuous improvement of its programs. He also takes the opportunity to thank and congratulate in advance all the people who will submit a proposal within the framework of the FREDS program.

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