The Commandant's Report on Research 2016-2017

Annual review of research activities by the faculty and research funding.

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Message from the Commandant

Colonel J.A.S. Bernard
Research - Review and Prospects

Since its reopening in 2008, Royal Military College Saint-Jean (RMC Saint-Jean) has been striving to re-establish the reputation and status it enjoyed before its closure in 1995. With its high-level faculty that includes several university professors, RMC Saint-Jean is in the process of recovering its well-deserved placed in academia. To achieve our objectives, a three-fold approach was implemented: recruiting high-level faculty, improving infrastructures, and conducting research.

Recruiting high-level professors allows us to offer quality teaching to RMC Saint-Jean officer cadets and non-commissioned members completing courses at the CWO Osside Profession of Arms Institute. Over the years, RMC Saint-Jean relied on the competence of its faculty members and supported them in their continued effort to innovate in research and program development, as our primary objective is to develop our students’ competencies, providing the CAF with officer cadets and non-commissioned members who are ready to face the contemporary challenges of the profession of arms.

Improving our infrastructures was a priority to ensure an environment that is healthy, well-equipped, and conducive to learning. To achieve this, considerable funds were invested and will continue to be invested, whether it be for developing the library, laboratory equipment, or providing classrooms and RMC Saint-Jean personnel with technological tools and equipment.

Partnerships with other institutions also attest to the openness and recognition of each institution’s expertise. An RMC Saint-Jean initiative, the Consortium C3, in collaboration with Cégep Saint-Jean sur-Richelieu, and the Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) of the National Research Council of Canada (CNRC) are but two examples of innovative initiatives implemented by RMC Saint-Jean. We also inaugurated the International Center for Studies in the Profession of Arms (ICSPA) with the mission of contributing to the advancement of Knowledge on the profession of arms for the benefit of the Canadian Armed Forces and its international partners.

The return to a university status that is planned for the autumn of 2018 with an undergraduate degree in international studies is another example indicating that we are on the right path for giving back to RMC Saint-Jean the status it enjoyed before 1995 while continuing to look ahead and create the conditions that will allow our Forces to develop in all aspects. By working closely with our various partners keeping in mind our mission of educating duly selected CAF members in order to instill in them the competencies required to maintain excellence in the profession of arms, there is no doubt that we will achieve our goal.

Message from the Academic Director

Lieutenant-General (Ret'd) Michel Maisonneuve

This Report of the Commandant on the research activities and funding of the Royal Military College Saint-Jean Faculty demonstrates the importance of these activities for our institution.

Research contributes to the professional development of the person who executes it, to the reputation of the institution where he or she serves, and to the quality of the education offered, while contributing to the advancement of knowledge in general. The Royal Military College Saint-Jean Faculty provides the best teaching possible to officer cadets and non-commissioned members, but it also contributes to the general furthering of knowledge and its passage on to the scientific community in various disciplines. The grants received are also a testimony of the utility of this research. With the creation of the Internal Centre for the Study of the Profession of Arms at RMC Saint-Jean, research efforts in all areas will continue.

Either directing their own research or collaborating with other groups conducting research, RMC Saint-Jean professors have demonstrated an enduring engagement in the College. The number and scope of the activities contained in this report attest to this fact.

Message from the Acting Dean of Research

Marc Imbeault
Marc Imbeault, Doctor of Philosiphy

Once again, I am very proud to present the Commandant’s Report on Research that draws a portrait of the main research contributions of the RMC Saint-Jean faculty members. In addition to participating in several research activities, our researchers have conferenced and published in all fields taught at Royal Military College Saint-Jean. This clearly shows our Faculty’s motivation and vitality. This type of work is also a service to the community. Participating in the advancement of knowledge and finding new forms of expression not only contributes to enriching courses taught in class but also to technical advancements and to cultural and societal progress in general, both at the national and international levels, as well as at the regional level, where other projects foster research and innovation in the Montérégie Region.

2016-2017 Year in Review

a. Articles published in refereed journals
b. Articles published in non refereed journals and book reviews
c. Books and book chapters
d. Conference proceedings
e. Titles: classified/refereed government reports
Director of Studies Gen (retd) Michel Maisonneuve presenting a prize to an officer cadet during Convocation.

Science Department

The mission of the Department of Science (DoS) is to strive towards excellence in teaching science courses to the College’s officer cadets, developing research projects, publishing findings in peer-reviewed scientific journals, and presenting results in highly recognized international scientific meetings.

Most professors of the DoS are employed under contracts from Formation Cégep Saint Jean sur Richelieu and three professors are employees of the National Defence of Canada. The teaching staff offers high-quality education and organizes many activities allowing the officer cadets to develop and widen their scientific knowledge. Among others, the Maths & Science Club’s conferences, the annual scientific outing and the integrative activity in science projects present the officer cadets with a rich and diverse menu to an existing high-level academic program.

Professors represent the College by participating in many activities of the scientific and academic community. Dr. Gawiyou Danialou is a leader with the Consortium C3, a group composed of RMC Saint-Jean, Cégep Saint Jean sur Richelieu and the National Research Council (NRC) via its industrial research assistance program (IRAP). Dr. Denis Lavigne has completed his mandate as president of the Association mathématique du Québec on December 31 2015 and has been a weekly collaborator for Canal M’s talk show Les voix de service as scientific communicator from March to June 2016.

Professors-Researchers of the DoS continued their research effort by studying two specific disciplines: Dr. Gawiyou Danialou works on biological science projects (muscle regeneration, gene therapy, inflammation, muscle physiology and pharmacology) and Dr. Denis Lavigne pursued his research on the mathematical modeling of energy-economy-environment-technology systems. They both present their findings to the international scientific community.

Denis Lavigne
Science Department
RMC Saint-Jean

Officer cadets and accompanying staff during the Paris-London Study Tour


a. Articles published in refereed journals

  • OSeMOSYS: Introducing Elasticity Universal Journal of Management, vol. 5, no 5, 254-260, May 2017.
  • OSeMOSYS Energy Modeling Using an Extended UTOPIA Model Universal Journal of Educational Research, vol. 5, no 1, 162-169, January 2017.
  • Initiatives for Teaching Energy Modelling to Graduate Students, Universal Journal of Management, vol. 4, no 8, 451-458, August 2016.


  • Session Chair, Energy Models : Diversity and Complementarity, INFORMS Annual Meeting, Nashville (Tennessee), November 2016.
  • OSeMOSYS and LEAP Energy Modeling Using an Extended UTOPIA Model, INFORMS Annual Meeting, Nashville (Tennessee), November 2016.
  • Le dictionnaire du Roy, Joint meeting of the Groupe des représentants des mathématiques du secondaire (GRMS) and the Association mathématique du Québec (AMQ), Québec, October 2016.


  • Abel-Gauthier 2016 Award (Personality of the year) of the Association mathématique du Québec.


  • Consultant at «Pearson ERPI».
  • Adjunct Professor, Department of Physical Activity Sciences (UQAM).
  • Reviewer for The Journal of Military, Veteran, and Family Health.
  • Member of the Consortium C3 of RMC Saint-Jean.
  • Head of the Science Department of RMC Saint Jean.
  • Referee for the INFOR journal, May 2017.
  • Member of the Consortium C3 of RMC Saint-Jean.


DANIALOU, Gawiyou Rôle de l’angiopoiétine dans la régénération musculaire chez l’homme PRACD $4,000
LAVIGNE, Denis Outil d’évaluation et de projection des gaz à effet de serre au sein des FAC PRACD $2,550
KÉOU, Rodrigue Modélisation et Simulation de la Dynamique des Corps Immergés (Globules Rouges, Molécules) PRACD $3,250
Total $9,700
Officer cadets presenting their project  during the  Science Fair.
The commandant RMC Saint-Jean, Colonel Simon Bernard, and Cmdt of the Day.

Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences provides officer cadets with the range of humanities and literature courses essential to their education – not only for the completion of the requirements for the Diploma of College Studies and for the satisfaction of the prerequisites for their transition to Royal Military College of Canada, but also towards the objective of developing future officers who possess excellent knowledge of general culture. Emphasis is equally placed on mastery of written and oral expression. In addition to teaching, professors within the department also develop pedagogical material, organize various cultural activities, and conduct research in the following areas:


  • the Québec intellectuals of the 20th Century;
  • the Conquest of Canada;
  • the culture of the Lower Canada Patriots;
  • national history;
  • history teaching;
  • commemoration policies;
  • political and cultural war studies.


  • literature semiotics;
  • music semiotics;
  • cinema semiotics;
  • cult studies (cult movies, music, novels) and popular culture.


  • neuropsychology;
  • music cognition;
  • neurogenetic disorders of music perception.

Political Science:

  • the composition of the contemporary ideological field.


  • nationalism and cosmopolitanism in the era of globalization (political ideologies in the contemporary world).


  • the culture of war in the 20th century;
  • the depiction of war in literature;
  • women’s literature (Simone de Beauvoir, Nancy Huston and Annie Ernaux);
  • the relationship between responsibility and literature in contemporary Québec and France;
  • cultural memory in Québec;
  • the boundary between nature and culture, as they play out especially in the relationship between Gothic and Romantic literature;
  • the revival of Victoria Welby’s semiotic system;
  • popular culture;
  • literary stylistics.

Danic Parenteau
Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
RMC Saint-Jean

Col Bernard during a presentation of a certificate to an OCdt with Mr. Maisonneuve and Mrs. Richard


a. Articles published in refereed journals

  • Territoires fécondsˮ in Voix et images, vol. XLII, no 2 (125), Winter 2017, p. 153-159.

b. Articles published in non-refereed journals and book reviews

  • “La voie du savoir militaireˮ in collaboration with Lisa Tanguay, Jean-François Marcoux et Maxime Rondeau, The Blue Knight Review, 2016.
  • "‘Le Canada est fait, maintenant il faut faire les Canadiens!’" Essai sur le processus de construction identitaire national canadien », Argument, vol. 19, no 2, Spring/Summer 2017, p. 80 to 92.
  • Les idéologies politiques. Le clivage gauche-droite (nouvelle édition) (with Ian Parenteau), PUQ, Quebec, 2017.
  • Bienvenue chez nous/chez vous, à Saint-Jean!, Le Trait d’Union - Bulletin des Écoles privées; October 2016, page 12.
  • Nos Autochtones au Combat : Guerres Mondiales, Entre nous – Bulletin de la Société de Généalogie de Longueuil; June 2016, pages 14-16.

c. Books and book chapters

COURTOIS, Charles-Philippe
  • Book. Lionel Groulx, le penseur le plus influent de l’histoire du Québec, accepted for publication, Éditions de l’Homme (October 2017).
  • Les idéologies politiques. Le clivage gauche-droite (new edition) (with Danic Parenteau), PUQ, Québec, 2017.

d. Symposium Organization

  • One-day conference: « La claque. Violence physique et symbolique des femmes en littérature contemporaine » Glendon College, York University (in coll. with M.-H. Larochelle and M.-A. Bergeron).

e. Titles: classified/refereed government reports

  • « Le pouvoir constituant au Canada et au Québec », Montreal, IRAI, 2016.


  • 2017. "Quand participer, c’est aussi résister : l’engagement militaire d’Olivar Asselin dans sa correspondance avec son épouse", Panel Le Canada français dans la Grande Guerre : les voix de la résistance / French Canada in the Great War : Voices of resistance, Canadian Historical Association, Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, Ryerson University, Toronto.
  • 2016. "Libérer les chants de femmes et affronter les dangers du lieu", Symposium Maladies de l’âme, émotion, affect. Écrits autochtones, canadiens et québécois dans les tirs croisés d’un nouveau tournant, Canadian Littérature Center– University of Alberta, Banff Centre (with M.-H. Larochelle – York U.).
  • 2016. " ‘Je ne t’aime pas encore. Mais attends-moi. J’arrive.’ : l’horizon de l’aveu d’impuissance dans La femme qui fuit de Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette ", Symposium La claque. Violence et résilience en littérature québécoise contemporaine, York University (campus Glendon).
  • 2016. "L’écartèlement des silences en poésie innue (N’entre pas dans mon âme avec tes chaussures ; S’agripper aux fleurs) ", Symposium Éthique des formes littéraires contemporaines, University of Toronto.
  • Guest Professor invited to York University (Glendon College) for a series of 12 conferences on Québec littérature since 1960.
  • 3 round table facilitation / bookstore lauches.
  • Interventions in the Globe&Mail and electronic media on "The Story of Us", a historical series broadcast on CBC. Among others:
    1. "L’heure du monde", broadcast on Radio-Canada Première
    2. Halifax, Montréal, Toronto, Winnipeg and Vancouver morning shows
    3. CBC-Québec, morning show
COURTOIS, Charles-Philippe
  • "Ireland’s 1916 and Quebec’s Conscription Crisis: the case of the French-Canadian newspaper La Croix", Symposium 1916 in Global Context: Connections and Comparisons, National University of Ireland Galway, Galway, Ireland, 16 June 2016.
  • Round table : Ensemble, pour être efficace! 2nd Symposium of the Consortium C3, Cégep Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu and Royal Military College Saint-Jean (2017).
  • “The Torturer’s Analytical Paradigm or the New Philosophy of the Executioner,” National Defence, University of Malaysia (2017).
  • “Islamisation et contre-terrorisme en Occident”, ACAMS-Montreal (2016).
  • “Le partenariat entre les Forces armées canadiennes et les Collèges militaires canadiens: Mariage, divorce et réconciliation”, ACDEAULF one-day conferences, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (2016).
NORRIS, Nanette
  • “Ranani Zadakim – Influence and Friendship between D.H. Lawrence and S.S. Koteliansky.” Canadian Society for Jewish Studies Conference, Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, May 24-25, 2017.
  • “Ingress, Pokemon Go, and Psychogeography.” Popular Culture Association, San Diego, CA, USA, April 12-15, 2017.
  • “Lawrence and the Occult during the War Years: 1914-1918.” South Atlantic Modern Language Association, Jacksonville, FL, USA, Nov. 4-6, 2016.
  • “D.H. Lawrence's Use of the Georgic in 'The Horse-Dealer's Daughter.” International D.H. Lawrence Conference, St. Ives, Cornwall, UK, Sept. 12-14, 2016.
  • “La question nationale québécoise : l’état des lieux”. Lehrstuhl für Romanische Kulturwissenschaft und Interkulturelle Kommunikation, Sarrebruck, Germany, 6 December 2016.
  • “La diversité ethnoculturelle de Montréal et La politique officielle du multiculturalisme dans le contexte québécois”. Conference as part of “Europa entsteht durch Begegnung” of the Europäische Akademie Otzenhausen, Goethe Institute, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 28 February 2017.
  • “Le modèle républicain : les questions d'intégration et de gestion de la diversité ethnoculturelle”, Conference at the Université du 3e âge (Université de Sherbrooke), Chambly, Quebec, Canada, 2 February 2017.
  • For the Royal Military College Saint-Jean Ex-Cadet Association, on the occasion of the funerals of Docteur Jacques Castonguay, former CMR Rector. October 2016.


  • Defense Thesis (2017)
    2015-2017 Naba Al Najjar
    "Postures monstrueuses du féminin : Nelly Arcan (1973-2009), Grisélidis Réal (1929-2005) et Albertine Sarrazin (1937-1967)"; York University (Glendon College), Toronto (Codirected with Prof. Marie-Hélène Larochelle).
COURTOIS, Charles-Philippe
  • Three students at the masters level in History as part of the research project financed by PRACD 2016-2019 (see below): M. Pierre-Yves Renaud, M.A. (U. Laval); Mrs. Sarah Lapré and Mr. Francis Bergeron, students at the master’s level (UQTR).


  • Author of the chronical "Études" in the journal Voix et images (UQAM), (2016-…).
  • Direction of the litteraray collection "Prégnance" (éditions Codicile).
  • Periodically ensured interim at the direction of DHSS and research deanship.
  • Member of the selection committee of the Dean of Reaseach.
  • Chair of the Departmental Committee on promotions review (RMC Saint-Jean).
  • Member of the programme committee towards the optimization of RMC Saint-Jean.
  • Representative of RMC Saint-Jean at the "End-to-End Review" (Kingston).
  • 2016. External Juge / chair, Masters’ thesis of Mrs Mélissa Dion-Robineault, "Les représentations de la monstruosité féminine dans la littérature québécoise contemporaine : Vickie Gendreau. Clara Brunet-Turcotte et Audrée Wilhelmy", York University (Glendon).
  • 2015 - Member of the Editorial Board of Mens. Revue d’histoire intellectuelle et culturelle.
  • 2014 - Member of the Editorial Board of Recherches sociographiques (Sociology Dep. Laval U).
  • 2009 -17 Member of the Editorial Board of the journal Argument.
COURTOIS, Charles-Philippe
  • Associate Professor as of 1 July.
  • Dean of Research (one year interim) Royal Military College Saint-Jean.
  • Editor of The Blue Knight Review of Royal Military College Saint-Jean.
  • Board member of the Association canadienne d’éducation des adultes des universités de langues française.
  • Member of the Graduate (master’s level) Program Committee on Global Health of the Research and Teaching Unit in Health Science at the Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue.
  • Chair of the Selection Committee for the Director of the Center for International Studies on the Profession of Arms.
  • Chair of the Consortium C3 that comprises RMC Saint-Jean, Cégep Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, and the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program.
  • Chair of the scientific committee of the Symposium IsoDoMa 2017 held by RMC Saint-Jean.
NORRIS, Nanette
  • D. H. Lawrence Society of North America.
    • Executive Board Member, Directory Editor, and Vice-President.
  • Member of Southern Atlantic Modern Language Association.
  • Member of Popular Culture Association.
  • Membre de la Modern Language Association.
  • Canadian Society of Jewish Studies.
    • Executive Board Member.
  • Member of the Editorial Board of the journal Argument.
  • Director, International Centre for the Study of the Profession of Arms (ICSPA).


RMC Saint-Jean Fonds de soutien à la recherche Chaires de recherche du Canada   $6,614
Direction du CRILCQ CAUMARTIN, Anne (chercheure de collège) Regroupement stratégique 2017-2023 20162017 FRQSC
COURTOIS, Charles-Philippe « Les journaux canadiens-français et la crise de la conscription 1917 1918 » PRACD
De 2016 à 2017
IMBEAULT, Marc et collaborateur Centre d’expertise et de formation sur les intégrismes religieux et la radicalisation CRSJC Collège Édouard-Montpetit, Université de Waterloo, Université Concordia, Collège militaire royal du Canada et Cégep Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. Amount:

Funding available to the researcher:
NORRIS, Nanette 1917: War shock and trauma in the lives and work of D.H. Lawrence and Richard Aldington PRACD
Fonds disponibles au chercheur :
RICHARD, Beatrice   PRACD   $6,000
Fonds disponibles au chercheur :
Total $78,714

Language Department

The Language Department of the Royal Military College Saint-Jean offers twenty academic courses in English and French as a Second Language. These post-secondary courses are accredited by Quebec’s Ministry of Education, and Higher Education. Students must pass their language courses in order to receive a college diploma. Prior to the beginning of their first semester at RMCSJ, students take a placement test in order to be streamed in one of five levels of instruction ranging from beginning to advanced. The goals of all language courses are to help prepare students for university studies in a wide range of disciplines, and to develop students’ abilities to communicate effectively as future officers in the Canadian Armed Forces.

All college students in Quebec must take a minimum of two credited language courses: one general course aimed at developing communicative competencies in four global linguistic skills, and one specific purpose course aimed at developing language knowledge, skills, and abilities that are required to discuss their field of studies. The Department also offers four non-credit courses to officer cadets who must continue to upgrade their second language proficiency levels in order to meet National Defense standards.

In addition to teaching, faculty members in the Language Department develop new material, structure bilingual and cultural programs, organize cultural activities and events to promote bilingualism, act as mentors to the students, manage projects, and conduct research, notably in the following areas:

  • teaching language and culture;
  • teaching language and literature;
  • the relationship between sociolinguistic competence and cultural intelligence;
  • teaching language through poetry;
  • integrating information and communication technologies (ICT) and multimedia into the classroom;
  • education in a bilingual setting;
  • bilingualism and multilingualism; and
  • testing.

Sophie Normandin
Language Department RMC Saint-Jean

Retired Lieutenant-General Roméo Dallaire presenting a prize to an OCdt with Ms. Normandin


  • Member of the Second Official Language Education and Training (SOLET) Management Committee.
  • Member of the Second Official Language Education and Training (SOLET) National Standards Committee for National Defence.
  • Member of the RMC Saint-Jean Optimization Programmes Committee.
OCdt group


Since 2003, members of the Professional Military Education Department (PMED) have participated in the professional development of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Non-Commissioned Members (NCMs). As of 2015, they teach at the Chief Warrant Officer Robert Osside Profession of Arms Institute (Osside Institute) of Royal Military College Saint-Jean. Four development programmes are offered by the Osside Institute, being the Intermediate Leadership Programme (ILP), leading to a promotion to the rank of Warrant Officer; the Advanced Leadership Programme (ALP), leading to a promotion to the rank of Master Warrant Officer; the Senior Leadership Programme (SLP), leading to a promotion to the rank of Chief Warrant Officer; and the Senior Appointment Programme (SAP), allowing Chief Warrant Officers to be designated to a senior appointment position. The PMED members teach the totality of the distance curriculum and actively participate within the residential courses, in close collaboration with its military directing instructor staff.

Comprised exclusively of historians and political scientists, research interest of the department’s members initially focused on military history. Research projects led teachers to trace Canadian soldiers in Vimy (France), in Sicily (Italy), in Medak (Croatia) and in Cyprus. These research projects aimed at enhancing the Institute’s course content but also led to the publication of journal articles and the production of a documentary film.

Over the years, the Osside Institute’s programmes content and the research interests of the teachers have evolved. Thus, in developing the content of course and in getting to know their clientele, PMED staff have developed a particular expertise in its main field of focus, being the evolution of the profession of arms and more specifically the professional development of NCMs. Through the years, they have become references for the CAF on these issues which never hesitate to consult them when they feel the need. Consequently, they have been involved in the development of the content for all NCM professional development programmes and have participated in the Strategic Employment Project and NCM 2030 project which demonstrate the important role they play in the advancement of the profession of arms in Canada.

The specific needs of the Osside Institute programmes have also allowed teachers to deepen their knowledge and led to research in fields such as systems thinking, complexification of warfare (women, peace and security agenda,), military sociology as well as ethics. This expertise has been recognized by the CAF.

In addition to their primary responsibility in the education of NCMs, the PMED teachers are also fully engaged in the Royal Military College Saint-Jean’s mission of promoting its national and international influence while supporting other departments of the Academic wing in their tasks toward officer cadets.

Sébastien Hinse
Professional Military Education Department RMC Saint-Jean


b. Articles published in non-refereed journals and book reviews

  • “Responsabilité sociale des entreprises : un regard historique à travers les classiques en management stratégiqueˮ, VertigO - la revue électronique en sciences de l'environnement [online], Volume 16 no 2 | September 2016. [With Sofiane Baba, Rachid Moustaquim].
  • “Design: an Ethical and Moral Project. Conscious Intention for the Cybernetician”, in Philippe Beaulieu-Brossard and Philippe Dufort (dir.), “Special Issue: Reflexive Military Practitioners: Design Thinking and Beyond”, Journal of Military and Strategic Studies, Centre of Military and Strategic Studies, University of Calgary, vol. 17, No. 4, June 2017.
  • “L’effort de guerre agricole canadien en 1914-1918 : Le gouvernement fédéral et l’encadrement des agriculteurs au service des Alliés ” in Le Canada et la France dans la Grande Guerre, 1914-1918, dir. Serge Joyal and Serge Bernier, Montreal, Art Global, 2016, p. 263-293.
  • “Comprendre la polémique du changement de nom du parc Vimy : la mémoire de la guerre de 1914-1918 au Québec”, L'Action nationale, 106, 7 (September 2016) : 86-90.
  • “Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (SEA), the Ethics of Care and the Women Peace and Security (WPS) Agenda.” Forthcoming in: Wright J & Fonseca, F. Eds. (n.d.) Making People Count: Diversity and Inclusion in the Profession of Arms. CDA Press
  • “Don’t forget about Boxer: Teaching Systems Thinking, Complexity and Design to NCMs,” Journal of Military and Strategic Studies 17(4), 103-121.
  • “Expecting Uncertainty: Approaching security environment complexity with humility and conceptual flexibility.” The Blue Knight Review. 2017.
  • “Ethics is not just about the little guy and other observations.” The Blue Knight Review. 2016.
  • "Réflexion sur l’éthique organisationnelle du MDN et des FACˮ. The Blue Kight Review, 2016.


  • “A Think Piece on Thinking Peace. Conscious Intention for the Cybernetician”. Paper presented at Hybrid Warfare: New Ontologies and epistemologies in Armed Forces Workshop, Toronto, 13-15 October 2016.
  • Lectures, “Ethics, Integrity and The Military Profession” Workshops (4). Skopje, Macedonia, May 2016; Aman, Brazil, September 2016; Penedo, Brazil, September 2016; Lima, Peru, December 2016.
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