Physical Fitness and Sports

Group of Officer Cadets in sportswear

The CMC teach the importance of fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Striving to achieve a higher level of physical fitness improves the quality of life, enables more effective learning, and inspires others. Officer cadets and naval cadets are required to participate in the Physical Education programme designed to achieve and maintain a high level of fitness, and to learn the basics of a wide variety of team and individual sports.

The Physical Education and Athletics programme helps each officer cadet and naval cadet attain a high level of physical fitness and a level of skill in a wide variety of sports. This programme is an integral part of the curriculum.

Physical Education

Officer cadets and naval cadets are expected to meet the CMC fitness standards in terms of stamina, agility and strength, and they are tested periodically. To help them meet these standards, a team of professional kinesiologists and trainers offer interactive educational programmes as well as stimulating sports with the goal of developing the potential of each officer cadet and naval cadet. Theoretical and practical courses, intramural and representative sports, as well as assessment, remedial physical training and personalized training are all integral parts of the Physical Education and Athletics programme.

The programme is designed to achieve increasing levels of athletic fitness. During their studies at the CMC, the officer cadets and naval cadets must attend a two hour physical education period each week during the academic year. The curriculum includes four physical education courses. Two of these courses are focused on the integration of physical training techniques. The first one puts emphasis on the basics of cardio-vascular and muscle training as well as on preventive warm-up techniques. A second course focuses on notions such as flexibility, agility and plyometrics.

Sports Programme

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a priority for the CAF and this is why sports is a mandatory part of officer cadet and naval cadet training. In addition to developing leadership, an officer cadet or naval cadet committed to his or her sports program will develop values such as resilience, determination, respect and team spirit in a stimulating environment and with the support and guidance of strong leaders.

Two sports programmes are available to officer cadets and naval cadets: elite and competitive sports or recreational sports. At the start of the school year, officer cadets and naval cadets must choose an elite or competitive sport in order to attend a training camp. The best athletes will be selected by the coaches to form the official Remparts teams and represent the institution. Officer cadets and naval cadets not retained on the teams must participate in the recreational component of intramural sports.

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Athletic Facilities

RMC Saint-Jean’s athletic facilities offer officer cadets and naval cadets the opportunity to participate in many different sports and activities. The Sports Complex serving the military community includes a 25-yard pool, a 400-metre track, a spin room, cardio room, squash courts, a weight room and hardwood courts. On campus, there are also tennis courts, soccer fields, an ice rink, water sports equipment, and bicycles.

RMC Saint-Jean officer cadets and naval cadets have free access to any of the athletic facilities, equipment or classes.

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