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A choice for the future



  • Fencing Tournament

    Officer Cadets compete in duel during a fencing tournament.

  • Mount Washington

    12 cadets of the three squadrons of the Royal Military College Saint-Jean made the ascent of Mount Washington! With a blue and sunny sky, all team members have the challenge!

  • Obstacles Course

    An Officer Cadet overcomes an obstacle during the traditional obstacle course of Royal Military College Saint-Jean.

Orientation Programme



« The first year of studies at Royal Military College Saint-Jean may be a little difficult. Reaching the requirements related to bilingualism, sports, leadership and academics keeps us busy, but also prepares us to become a good officer. Of course we must face challenges such as separation from family, but with mutual aid and support among officer cadets, we can overcome all of them. »

- Officer Cadet Joseph Maalouf

« I am currently in first year at Royal Military College Saint-Jean and what I experienced so far encourages me to continue on this path. Performing in the four components of the program―sports, leadership, bilingualism and academics―enables me to discover that part of me that always seeks to give a little more and introduces me to principles such as effective time management, a skill I will need throughout my career. Royal Military College Saint-Jean prepares me for a successful career as an officer in the Canadian Armed Forces. »

- Officer Cadet Rosaly Jolin

Canadian Defence Academy - Académie canadienne de la défense
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