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Short History

The old constructions, monuments and commemorative plaques that we see on the Campus, as well as the names of the buildings and streets...

Photo aérienne du Fort St-Jean

Hall of Fame

The Royal Military College Saint-Jean Hall of Fame recognizes those who have brilliantly contributed to the CAF, their community and the Canadian society and whose careers was greatly influenced...

Hall of Fame


« The first year of studies at Royal Military College Saint-Jean may be a little difficult. Reaching the requirements related to bilingualism, sports, leadership and academics keeps us busy, but also prepares us to become a good officer. Of course we must face challenges such as separation from family, but with mutual aid and support among officer cadets, we can overcome all of them. »

- Officer Cadet Joseph Maalouf

« I am currently in first year at Royal Military College Saint-Jean and what I experienced so far encourages me to continue on this path. Performing in the four components of the program―sports, leadership, bilingualism and academics―enables me to discover that part of me that always seeks to give a little more and introduces me to principles such as effective time management, a skill I will need throughout my career. Royal Military College Saint-Jean prepares me for a successful career as an officer in the Canadian Armed Forces. »

- Officer Cadet Rosaly Jolin

« My experience at Royal Military College Saint-Jean has been a memorable one, from being submersed into a military environment for the first time to learning how to understand the French language. The wonderful staff has helped me through my journey to ensure my success in the four components of the program: bilingualism, physical fitness, academics, and leadership. Overall, this school has helped me become a stronger person, both physically and mentally, and continues to allow me to challenge myself to achieve my short and long term goals. »

- Officer Cadet Amber Cotton


  • Badging-In Ceremony

    Colonel Carignan, Royal Military College Saint-Jean Commandant, inspects officer cadets during the Badging-In Ceremony after the Obstacle Course.

  • Obstacle Course

    An officer cadet overcomes the "Low-crawl" obstacle during the traditional Royal Military College Saint-Jean Obstacle Course.

A choice for the future

This video provides an overview of what the college offers and the four components of its program.

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Orientation Programme

This video gives an overview of the orientation programme.

Transcripts and Alternative Formats

Most Requested

  • FAQ : Find answers to many questions you may have on Royal Military College Saint-Jean.
  • Joining Instructions : Instructions and advice on how to prepare for the Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP) you will begin at Royal Military College Saint-Jean.
  • Admission : In order to be admitted to Royal Military College Saint-Jean, candidates must meet the following requirements:
  • Programmes of Study : These programmes prepare officer cadets for university studies at the Royal Military College of Canada (RMCC) in Kingston.
  • Visits / Open House : Come discover Royal Military College Saint-Jean, an exceptional institution providing college-level education, a unique sports programme, a salary during fully subsidized studies and the opportunity to develop your leadership abilities in a bilingual environment!

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