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  • Fencing Tournament

    Officer Cadets compete in duel during a fencing tournament.

  • Mount Washington

    12 cadets of the three squadrons of the Royal Military College Saint-Jean made the ascent of Mount Washington! With a blue and sunny sky, all team members have the challenge!

  • Obstacles Course

    An Officer Cadet overcomes an obstacle during the traditional obstacle course of Royal Military College Saint-Jean.


« After having completed Preparatory Year, I have now become a senior at the College. Seniors are the officer cadets who are studying in First Year, which corresponds to the second year of college studies in Quebec. As seniors, we are required to act as guides with newly arrived candidates. It’s a lot of responsibilities; well, anyways, a lot more than what I had last year as a Preparatory Year student. We are required to continue performing in the four components of the College programme all the while being an example for the new candidates. We are the ones who know the workings of the school and we must be leaders with new candidates by sharing what we learned. Taking on the role of senior at Royal Military College Saint-Jean is a unique and enriching experience that allows us to develop our leadership, one of the four components of the College programme. What we learn here will prove useful throughout our career in the Canadian Armed Forces. »

- Officer Cadet P. Vachon 27447, Richelieu Squadron

« When I look back at my year of studies at the Royal Military College Saint-Jean, I see that I have been able to adapt to a hectic lifestyle. As an officer cadet, my days are now filled with stimulating education with quality teachers, continuous opportunities to surpass myself in sports and competition, easiness to speak the two official languages of Canada, as well as an unparalleled self-discipline. These skills reflect what the four components of the College's curriculum, i.e. education, sports, bilingualism, and drill, have brought me so far. And so it is right here at the College, on the enchanting site of Fort Saint-Jean, that a strong fraternity among cadets develops, along with what will blossom as my future career in the Canadian Armed Forces. »

- Officer Cadet Marianne Bouchard 27236 Tracy Squadron

« The start of a new life, of a new way of living and seeing the world, this is what our entry at Royal Military College Saint-Jean means. Three squadrons, four components of a single programme, but a single goal: becoming the leaders of tomorrow. Right from the start, we must perform in an unfamiliar environment. Challenges flock to our door and it is up to us to overcome them one by one, with our heads held high. The greatest challenge of all is surely being away from home, and the distance is sometimes significant as some of our classmates come from across Canada. Despite all of that, distance is less pressing when we think of all the support that we provide each other. And this is only the beginning…looking ahead, I know that many adventures are awaiting us! »

- Officer Cadet Jeremy Petit

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