Open House and Special visits

Special Visits

The Royal Military College Saint-Jean does not hold a "student for a day" activity and deploys all of its resources during open houses to promote its programs. For students eligible (Sec V and over) for the current recruitment campaign and who have missed the open house, it is possible to visit the College during the school year during the week. We prefer Mondays or Fridays, usually educational days for those interested. We meet the visitors at 10:00 am and the visit ends no later than 13:00. It is possible to have lunch with officer cadets to exchange and answer questions. The cost of a full meal is $ 7,25. Stakeholders must tell us their intentions, the number of guests, the student's current academic year and proposed dates via the follwing address:

Open House

The Royal Military College Saint-Jean will hold an open house Saturday, September 19 and November 14, 2020 from 9 am to 4 pm. It is not necessary to reserve.

Come and discover the Royal Military College Saint-Jean, an extraordinary institution offering state-of-the-art college training, a unique sports program, a fully subsidized and remunerated education and the opportunity to develop your leadership skills in a bilingual environment!

Our students complete a college program to pursue their academic studies at either the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston, Ontario, Arts (Humanities or Social Sciences), Science, or Engineering, OR at the Royal Military College in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, in the university program in international studies. Upon completion of their studies, and provided they successfully complete other aspects of the program, students become officers of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Studying at the Royal Military College Saint-Jean, it is a privileged gateway to subsidized college studies leading to a university degree; it is also the first step towards a stimulating and rewarding career in an environment where teamwork is privileged.

  • Introduce yourself to our sports teams!
  • Visit our various clubs and enter a unique social universe!
  • Meet our senior staff and our teachers!
  • Take part in practical workshops in the laboratory!
  • Find answers to all your questions about recruiting the Canadian Armed Forces!
  • Take a guided tour of the campus!
  • Discover the programs of study offered!
  • Meet young leaders like you!
  • Visit the library, classrooms and residences!
  • Demystify the wide range of jobs guaranteed after your studies!

How to get to Royal Military College Saint-Jean?


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