FAQ about International Studies Certificate

Question 1

What level/year of courses will be targeted at RMC Saint-Jean?



University level courses.


Question 2

What are the mandatory course requirements within the programme?



The certificate requirements require that each member successfully complete 10 courses in order to receive their certificate.


Question 3

Are there limitations as to which Faculty candidates can select elective courses?



Yes, they are limitations related to what courses can be included within the Certificate in International Studies in order to receive an official accreditation. (See list of courses)


Question 4

What level of instruction will graduates be instructing at, within Osside (ILP/ALP?)?



Once they graduate, for the PO1/WO, they will be employed as ILP Facilitators. If they hold the CPO2/MWO rank, they can be use as ILP Pl Cmdr, ALP or SLP Facilitators.


Question 5

Does this program mirror or complement NEPDP?



The intent of this program is not to mirror NEPDP, but instead offer one year of education. Offering this type of program will also provide the organization with a longer return on their investment by targeting the PO1/WO rank.


Question 6

Will a graduate who successfully completes OIPEP gain anything further should they be selected for NEPDP?



If they get selected for NEPDP they would bring 10 academic credits forward which they could transfer into an undergrad Bachelor program. As they will be exposed to the OCdt community they will also be bringing that experience forward. The inclusion of this program into the "preferred education path" has not yet been defined.


Question 7

Do you have a programme overview? Something similar to the NEPDP Overview.



Here is the program overview as we know it today:

Certificate in International Studies (CIS)

The Certificate in International Studies is a program of study that is intended to enhance students’ appreciation of international studies with a human domain component. This certificate is part of the Osside Institute Professional Education Program (OIPEP). The certificate IN International Studies requires the completion of ten courses:

See list of courses

Note: The Geopolitical courses will not all be offered during the Winter Semester.

As this program is constantly evolving, it would be important to mention that there is only 10 positions available per year across the CAF.

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