Call for Papers

Technology in multiple facets is transforming human society and has been the subject of much discussion across academic disciplines. Some see threats and irreversible changes, while others see potentialities for human advancement. For its third Special Edition, the Blue Knight Review will explore the impacts of technology from multiple perspectives. The Special Issue seeks article submissions of no more than 3000 words from academics and practitioners about the impacts of technological change and associated risks and rewards within themes of 1) war, defence and security, 2) societal and human implications, 3) environmental change. Articles can be oriented toward the question from philosophical, historical, theoretical or informative perspectives. A proposal of 50 to 100 words must be sent to Mr. Robert Lummack: no later than June 30th 2020. Submissions must use APA 7 format and can be written in French or English. If the abstract is selected by a review committee, the final draft must be submitted by 30 September 2020.

This special issue is co-edited by Marc Imbeault and Robert Lummack.
Proofreading/Editing, Marie-Claude Leblanc.

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