Special Edition Number 2 - SystemsThinking

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A Word from the Editor

One of the first researchers to be concerned about how systemic thinking could apply to issues related to the Canadian Armed Forces is the late Lieutenant-Colonel Lorne William (Bill) Bentley, MSM, CD. A pioneer and advocate of the importance of freeing thinking from siloed and narrow paths, the environment in which he thrived undeniably recognizes his important contribution to what has now become an innovative and dynamic movement of thought within the Canadian Armed Forces. Indeed, Bill has never stopped looking for ways to improve the intellectual development of the Canadian Armed Forces’ members, and he fought every battle on this front. Within the Canadian Defense Academy, his approach and leadership have been instrumental in transforming the professional development system for officers and non-commissioned members. By reinforcing the professionalization of the non-commissioned members corps, the application of his ideas has helped Canadian soldiers gain credibility around the world. What he contributed to implementing will have a long-standing influence on his successors and be a continued source of inspiration for those who carry on the work. In honoring the efforts of this great pioneer, we hope that this special issue of the Blue Knight will contribute to the perpetuating his legacy.

Marc Imbeault, Editor of the Blue Knight Review

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