Special Edition Number 3 - Technology

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A Word from the Editor

Technological advances in recent decades have changed the way we communicate and live, but what will interest readers in this special issue is the increase and transformation of the means of surveillance, control and information "on" - and fortunately also "for" - citizens. Robert Lummack's introduction presents the different aspects of the problematic that gave rise to this publication, but we can immediately state that it allows us to take stock of certain threats to privacy and freedom in the 21st century, while showing perspectives for emancipation.

The texts gathered here are, in a way, a response to the interrogations of philosophers like Heidegger or Wittgenstein who, at the beginning of the 20th century, from completely different perspectives, questioned the conception of the world of technology which seemed to them to take more and more place and to impose itself in opposition to that of thought, whose voice they feared would disappear. However, this voice has survived! And, we can say that it is even very much alive today and is expressed with vigor in the reflections of the young (and not so young) generations of researchers. Our special issue on technology is an example of this.

Enjoy your reading!

Marc Imbeault, Editor of the Blue Knight Review, Royal Military College Saint-Jean

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