Admissions Prerequisites

General Qualifications

To qualify for admission to CMCs, applicants must:

  • Be a Canadian citizen or Permanent resident
  • Meet the minimum medical standards required for CAF enrolment.
  • Succeed the Canadian Forces Aptitudes Test (CFAT)
  • Be at least 16 years of age at the time of enrolment with one parental consent.
  • Possess the academic prerequisites according to the chosen programme

Admission - First Year of University (CEGEP II)

General admission conditions (you must have completed OR be in the process of completing):

  • High School (Grade 12) diploma at a pre-university level satisfactory to RMC with credits acceptable and sufficient for regular admission to a university in the province in which the applicant is completing secondary education.
  • The first year of a two-year pre-university programme at a Quebec College of General and Vocational Education (CEGEP);
  • The equivalent to grade 12 high school or CEGEP 1 from outside Canada;
  • Possess academic standards higher than those specified above

Academic Prerequisites by Province/Territory

Admission - Preparatory Year (CEGEP I)

General admission conditions: (Quebec school system)

  • Possess a Quebec high school diploma; have completed or be in the process of completing a Quebec high school diploma (or the equivalent)
  • Pass the Secondary 4 History course
  • Pass the Secondary 5 Language of Instruction course as well as a Secondary 5 Second Language course
  • Meet entrance requirements of the chosen programme of collegial studies
  • Have a mark of 70% in academic requirement courses
  • Quebec applicants who have completed Secondary 5 will complete a five-year undergraduate programme which includes first year CEGEP (or Preparatory Year) at RMC Saint-Jean in Quebec followed by university studies at RMC or RMC Saint-Jean Campus.

Specific conditions of the Science programme:

  • Secondary 5 Chemistry or equivalent, with 70% or better
  • Secondary 5 Physics or equivalent, with 70% or better
  • Secondary 5 Mathematics, Natural Science (SN) or Techno Sciences (TS), with 70% or better

Specific condition of the Social Science programme:

  • Secondary 4 Mathematics: SN, TS, CST or 426, with 70% or better
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