Selection Process

Selection Process

Since an application to the CMC is also an application to the CAF, all ROTP applicants are required to complete the following:

  • An aptitude test
  • A medical examination
  • An interview 
  • Selection Committee
  • Month of May | Offer
  1. Online Application | preferably before January 31st
  2. > Aptitude Test
  3. > Interview
  4. > Medical Evaluation
  5. > Selection Committee
  6. > Month of May | Offer

The process can take over 6 to 8 weeks so applicants are encouraged to apply in September or October to maximize their chances of being selected. While your application will still be accepted after the target date of January 31st, those looking for an Air Crew or Military Police Officer occupation should apply as soon as possible as these occupations require additional testing that must be scheduled by the CFRC.

Applicants are evaluated on two fundamental criteria:

Military Potential.
The score is based on the assessment of the applicant’s aptitude, personality traits and suitability for the chosen occupation.
Academic Potential.
The Admissions Office assesses academic performance by verifying their top six most recent marks, which must include the required prerequisite courses for the applicable degree. Transcripts must include the prerequisites for the academic programme of choice. Academic Potential also includes an assessment on time management skills, fitness, and level of bilingualism.

Applicants from Quebec who successfully completed one year of college studies and high school graduates from elsewhere in Canada may receive an offer to study at either RMC at Kingston or RMC Saint-Jean. Students may not choose the college they will attend: the decision is based on the applicant’s best interest and the capacity of the colleges.

The majority of applicants who receive an offer to attend RMC Saint-Jean greatly enjoy their stay, namely because of the individualized education and the opportunity to improve their proficiency level in French, and their leadership abilities in a Francophone environment.

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