Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP)

Under the ROTP, the Department of National Defence pays for all costs of tuition, uniforms, books, instruments, and other essential fees. Officer cadets and naval cadets are also paid a monthly salary (from which mandatory room, board and mess dues are deducted), undergo military occupation training and, if required, second language training during the summer months. They will also receive full medical and dental care at no cost. Annual vacation with full pay is granted according to CAF regulations.

Students are required to maintain satisfactory academic, military, fitness and linguistic progression throughout the programme. Those who do not maintain a suitable level of academic performance may be permitted to repeat one year at their own expense and, if successful, be reinstated to full pay and allowances.

Upon successful completion of the ROTP, officer cadets and naval cadets receive an undergraduate degree in Engineering, Science or Arts and become fit, bilingual officers in the Royal Canadian Navy, Canadian Army or Royal Canadian Air Force. ROTP officer and naval cadetsFootnote 1 are required to serve 2 months for each month of subsidized study for a period of at least 36 months and not more than 60 months. Months of military training during the summer are not counted towards compulsory service. These officer and naval cadets may apply to be released from the CAF prior to the commencement of the second academic year without incurring any obligatory service or financial penalties.

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