Research Ethics Board

The Research Ethics Board of RMC Saint-Jean has the mandate of evaluating the conformity of research activities of RMC Saint-Jean professors in order to meet the highest standards in research ethics. For the institution, this is to ensure the protection of all those involved in research. The Board must therefore ensure that faculty members who conduct research involving humans comply with the Policy adopted by the institution. If they receive external funding, they must also comply with the standards set by the Quebec or federal funding agencies. If they meet these requirements, an ethics certificate is issued to them. In addition to ethical approval, the role of the Board is also to inform and assist researchers in their efforts, to make them aware of ethical standards, and to follow up with researchers.


Chantal Lavallée, Royal Military College Saint-Jean

Mélissa Lévesque, Royal Military College Saint-Jean

Mourad Djebabla, Royal Military College Saint-Jean

Manon Turgeon, Royal Military College Saint-Jean

Marijo Gauthier-Bérubé, Fort Saint-Jean Museum

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