Leave Calendar

Important events when the public may attend

August: Obstacle course and badging ceremony.

May: End of year ceremonies.

Fall Session - August to December


  • Labour Day: first weekend in September.
  • Thanks Giving: second weekend of October.
  • Holidays: mid-December to beginning of January.

Winter Session – January to May


  • School Break: first week of March.
  • Easter: March or April depending on the year.

Scheduled group activities and training will normally monopolise two weekends of each month during the school year.

Officer Cadets will also have individual responsibilities which may also alter their availability during weekends.

Officer Cadets are responsible for informing their loved ones/family of their schedules.

Spring and Summer - May to August

  • Annual Leave: A minimum of 2 weeks is usually available during these months. All dates will depend on the officer cadets’ military occupational training.
  • Occupational military training occurs on the Canadian Armed Forces’ bases throughout the country.
  • Second language courses are also mandatory during the summer depending on the Officer Cadets’ level of proficiency.
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