Bilingualism reflects Canada’s cultural heritage. As representatives of this heritage, officers are expected to be fluent in both of Canada’s official languages. Responsibilities as an officer of the CAF require to lead Canadian men and women who speak both official languages. RMC Saint-Jean trains naval and officer cadets to communicate effectively in both English and French through in-class education and integration into daily life. Located in a Francophone environment, RMC Saint-Jean is a great place for Anglophones wanting to perfect their linguistic proficiency in French and to rapidly meet CAF bilingualism requirements.

Language Classes

Before arriving at the College, naval and officer cadets complete an online placement test that measures their second official language proficiency. Students must take a minimum of two second language courses in order to prepare themselves to meet CAF and Quebec Department of Education requirements. Naval and officer cadets are grouped according to proficiency level, and courses focus on reading comprehension, writing skills, and oral proficiencies (comprehension and expression). In order to foster learning, CMC offer small classrooms and individualized mentoring with facilities integrating learning technologies.

Summer Training

Naval and officer cadets who still have not reached the bilingualism level required after the second year will complete an intensive five or ten-week immersion course. Naval and officer cadets are in small group classrooms for five to six hours a day, either at RMC Saint-Jean or at Canadian Forces Language School (CFLS).


In order to graduate, naval and officer cadets are required to achieve a BBB level recognized by the Canada School of Public Service.

Daily Life

All academic courses are offered in both English and French. The naval and officer cadets who passed the exams of the Canada School of Public Service may be able to enroll in classes instructed in either official language, course schedule allowing, and write all assignments in their first official language.

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