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Our Campus & Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu


Building Listings

  • 3 - Fort Saint Jean Museum
    Pavillon La Forge
  • 4 - Montcalm Pavilion
  • 5 - Vieux Mess
  • 6 - Bausonnière Pavilion
  • 13 - Maisonneuve Pavilion
  • C16 - Pavillon Adjudant-chef Couture
  • C20 - Warehouse, Supply, Tailor
  • 24 - Massey Pavilion
  • 26 - Guard House
  • 50 - Housing 4, 5, 6, 7
  • 51 - Housing 8, 9, 10, 11
  • 52 - Housing 12, 13, 14, 15
  • 102 - Heating Plant
  • 103 - Gate
  • 104 - Mess St-Maurice
  • 107 - Champlain Pavilion
  • 108 - Carter Pavilion
  • 109 - De Lery Pavilion
  • 111 - Sanitary Pumping Station
  • 115 - Commandant's House
  • 116 - Vanier Pavilion (Sports Complex)
  • 119 - Residence 3
  • 123 - Fluoration Station South
  • 124 - Marina
  • 125 - Lahaie Pavilion (Library)
  • 127 - Boat Storage
  • 120 - Dextraze Pavilion
  • 131 - Trailer
  • 132 - Trailer
  • 133 - Sports Shed
  • 136 - Garage Service
  • 137 - Garage PSP
  • 138 - Garage

Ideally Located

RMC Saint-Jean’s campus is located at Fort Saint-Jean, a historical site in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, some 40 km southeast of Montreal and only three hours from Ottawa.

This scenic location on the west bank of the Richelieu River is of great historic importance. An active military site since 1666, it has been declared a national historic site because of the three forts that were built there and its strategic importance during the 1775 American invasion, where the Fort resisted a 45-day siege led by General Montgomery. Since the end of the British Regime, the site has hosted Regiments such as the Royal Canadian Dragoons, the Royal 22e Regiment — that was founded on this site in 1914 — and, since 1952, RMC Saint-Jean.

Dorms / Residences

All ROTP students are required to live on campus. All residences are co-ed, and equipped with common gender washrooms. Also, all officer cadets and naval cadets have access to laundry rooms in each of the residences.

For the first couple of years, same gender officer cadets and naval cadets will share a room. Single rooms are normally provided for senior students on a space available basis.

The officer cadets and naval cadets have access to recreational facilities, including an indoor swimming pool, an arena and training plateaus. All are located on site a few steps from the residences. Finally, all meals will be taken at the officer cadets and naval cadets’ dining hall.

Residence for officer cadets and naval cadets is guaranteed and mandatory. There is no deposit or need to apply.


Clubs and Social Recreation

Officer cadets and naval cadets actively seek opportunities to develop themselves out of the traditional approach that engages them in each of the four pillars: academics, military, physical fitness and bilingualism. In order to promote socialization, cohesion and comradeship among students, several clubs have been set up since the reopening of the College in 2008. These clubs, which are founded, organized and led by officer and naval cadets, are diverse and aim at meeting the interests of the entire student body. From dungeons and dragons to the dance club, these student groups provide cadets with an environment that fosters the development of their leadership skills, second official language proficiency, and to build cohesion and long lasting friendships. The current clubs at RMC Saint-Jean include:

Airsoft, Paintball, Dungeons and Dragons, Gamming, Deck Hockey, Dance Club, Reading club, Chess club and the Auto Club.

Reading Club
Dancing Club

Mess Le Saint-Maurice

Christmas Party

Officer and naval cadets also have the chance to participate in various social events all year round at Le Saint-Maurice Mess, the Committee of which works tirelessly to provide opportunities for bringing all students together, whether to share a drink on a Friday evening or to take part in a number of gatherings. Officer and naval cadets have a busy schedule but are a cohesive group that values friendship and so these gatherings are held at regular intervals and thematically; they include Halloween, Christmas Bal, Happy Hours.

Student Services

To support students along their studies and to ensure their success in each of the four pillars of the curriculum, RMC Saint-Jean offers a variety of services designed to help them cope with the many challenges they face at the academic, moral, as well as physical and mental health levels.

Upon arrival at RMC Saint-Jean, all officer cadets and naval cadets will be mentored by an experienced military team. This team will allow the officer cadets and naval cadets to learn the ways of the military environment with respect.

Outside the classroom, Personnel Support Programs (PSP) staff work with the military community and several partners to promote the moral and physical well-being of military personnel in their communities to support the development of the knowledge, skills and tools delivered under these programmes. This includes healthy eating and physical fitness programmes provided by the kinesiology team at RMC Saint-Jean.

The officer cadets and naval cadets also have access to the Peer Support Group, composed of a volunteer officer from the CMCs’ staff, and officer cadets and naval cadets who provide support through confidential and non-judgemental listening. Members of this group focus on active listening to direct their peers to resources and support services as needed.

Chaplains of the CAF are there to support officer cadets and naval cadets throughout their journey at CMCs, but especially when they are dealing with issues related to age, military experience, their religion or when they face a difficult situation. A key goal for chaplains is to meet students where they are so they may provide advice and, when appropriate, refer them to other resources such as physical and mental health professional, or a community leader of a particular faith group (if they are not represented on the CMC chaplaincy team).

To foster the students’ academic success and assist them with their learning, RMC Saint-Jean provides various resources. As part of their training, officer cadets and naval cadets have access to the following services:

  • Academic Advisor
  • College Programme Director
  • Professors
  • Documentary Research Support and Training
  • Pedagogical Support Coordinator
  • Peer Tutoring Services
  • Squadron Liaison Professor

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