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Du commandement : approche pratique
(French only)
(Marc Imbeault and Michel Maisonneuve)

The second part of the Canadian study of command exposes the peculiar mixture of head and heart that links the leader and his men, and organises their hierarchical relationship that shapes obedience for the common good.

L'évaluation du leadership au sein des Forces canadiennes et les leçons tirées des événements en Somalie
(French only)
(Lieutenant-Colonel Richard Garon)

This paper aims to identify the key factors of leadership failures in Canadian Forces (CF) during their intervention in Somalia in 1993. The author's hypothesis is that CF didn't have the conceptual tools necessary to evaluate their leaders' capacity.

Nelson, Trafalgar and the Paradox Between Control and Delegation
(Robert Thomson)

This study applies contemporary techniques of strategic analysis to the historical evidence pertaining the battle of Trafalgar with a view to identifying the factors which facilitated the durable competitive advantage of the Royal Navy. This consists of an examination of the external and internal environments and the identification of related key success factors and distinctive competencies. In addition, the role of Royal Navy administrators in the generation of successive emergent leadership is examined and compared with current military leadership doctrine and theory. Further, the findings of the study are applied in order to respond to the question of the paradox between central control and delegated authority. Finally the applicability of the study results to the civilian context is discussed.

About the author: Robert Thomson MBA is currently a doctoral candidate at the Université de Sherbrooke, having previously accumulated over twenty-five years of operations management experience with Loblaw Companies Limited and the Canadian Forces Exchange System (CANEX).

Le leadership et l'instruction
(LGen(retd) J.O. Michel Maisonneuve)

Presentation to leadership symposium: "Educating the Leader and Leading the Educated" , 29/30 sep 2011 – Kingston, Ontario.

WWII: Antisemitism on the Home Front
(Nanette Norris)

This essay discusses two poems by Canadian poet A.M. Klein which reveal that Canada generally, and Montreal specifically, was not a refuge for the persecuted but rather exhibited virulent antisemitism during World War Two.

Convergence of Errors: Leadership Failures Contributing to Abu Ghraib Abuses
(Major Lynne Chaloux)

The purpose of this essay is to reveal the key leadership factors contributing to events that occurred during Operation Iraqi Freedom at Abu Ghraib Confinement Facility in Iraq in 2003.

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