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Pertinence de la théorie de la guerre juste entre éthique de conviction et éthique de responsabilité
(French only)
(Marc Imbeault)

This essay is an attempt to evaluate the relevance of the just war theory in the context of contemporary warfare and the use of political violence in general. The author submits the idea that the distinction between ethics of conviction and ethics of responsibility should be use in the application of the just war theory.

Expecting Uncertainty: Approaching security environment complexity with humility and conceptual flexibility
(Robert Lummack)

The global security environment is complex and difficult to understand. This article proposes that the concepts of Wicked Problems, Systems Theory as well as Complex Adaptive Systems can help make sense of the complexity of global events. Further, it suggests that Design processes which have become popularized in academic military circles of late, offer advantages and should be used to coordinate multinational military and Whole of Government actions. Most importantly, it argues that humility is the required competency within the individual or the culture of the team because of the inherent complexity of the global security environment and the challenges of achieving objective understanding.

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