Student Guide

Academic Director's Welcome

Welcome to the Royal Military College Saint-Jean, and congratulations on your excellent career choice! Royal Military College Saint-Jean is an ideal site for learning and personal growth, with historic buildings and traditions that date back generations. The knowledge, leadership skills and relationships that you will develop while attending this venerable institution will help advance your military career. The College has a cadre of highly qualified and motivated teachers and administrative personnel who care about the students they teach and mentor. We are here to support you and to help you succeed as you launch a fantastic career in the Canadian Forces.

The academic programs offered at the Royal Military College Saint-Jean at the college- and university-level are designed to expose you to a range of different subjects, and also to provide you with other tools required to ensure your success in the Canadian Armed Forces. You will refine your abilities to think critically and to express your ideas in writing and speech. You will learn how to frame a good argument, and how to listen to and appreciate the intellectual views held by others.

Your development will not be confined to academics. You will also grow as leaders, athletes, socially engaged citizens and future military officers. You will come to understand how living in a community of peers with ideas, cultures and backgrounds quite different from your own can enrich and broaden your understanding of the world, and help you define the leadership role that you take in society.

This guide was produced to help you prepare for your studies. I encourage you to read it carefully and to refer to it throughout your time with us. For most of you, this will be your first experience at the post-secondary level. Your success will be contingent on motivation, hard work, organization, and discipline. Do not hesitate to ask for help. We have but one mission, to ensure your success at the Royal Military College Saint-Jean. Good luck!

Truth, Duty, Valour.

James Groen
Academic Director

Academic Administration

The senior academic administrators are as follows: the Academic Director, Dr. James Groen (LH205); the Dean of Studies, Dr. Annick Girard (LH202); the Vice-Dean of Studies, Dr. Denis Lavigne (LH218); the Dean of Research, Dr. Roch Legault (LH203); the Director of Programs, Mr. Alain Biage, (LH220); and, the acting Registrar, Capt Saul Klassen.

LÉA Portal

LÉA is a portal on which students can access their marks as soon as teachers make them available. This on-line service is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. LÉA gives more freedom in terms of possible interactions between members of a class. Through its many features evolving I line with community needs of education, LÉA seeks to give greater autonomy concerning exchanges between teachers and students.

Students in need of assistance can get help at the Registrar’s Office.

Academic Records

Students should contact the Registrar’s Office, located on the ground floor of the Lahaie Building, on all matters pertaining to their academic records.

In accordance with the regulations of the MELS, each student is required to submit the following documents at the beginning of the academic year:

  • birth certificate;
  • certificate of Canadian citizenship (if applicable);
  • most recent Ministry of Education transcripts;
  • duly completed application form; and,
  • other relevant documents that might be deemed necessary.

Course Exemptions

Students must take all of the required courses in their academic programs. Students who have already passed one or more courses in their program may apply for an exemption from those courses. Exemption requests must be submitted at the beginning of each semester. In order to request an exemption, students must contact the Registrar’s Office which is located on the ground floor of the LaHaie Building.

Academic Programme Change

Students who wish to change their academic program (either voluntarily or due to inadequate progress) must submit a request to the Registrar’s Office.


Courses offered at Royal Military College Saint-Jean are accredited by the Cegep Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. At the end of each semester, students receive an official transcript of their academic results from the Cegep the format of which is in keeping with MELS Guidelines. Students can obtain certified copies of their transcripts through the Registrar’s Office.

Proof of Attendance

In September Students can request a "Declaration of Attendance at School or University" or they may have a form filled in this regard at the Registrar’s Office.

Academic Schedules

All officer and naval cadets are given their academic courses from Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Course schedules for each academic program are prepared for the beginning of each semester and made available to the officer and naval cadets.

All officer and naval cadets should make all inquiries related to their academic schedules to the Registrar’s Office.

Change of Address

Students whose permanent address has changed must report the change to the Registrar’s Office, and complete the appropriate form.


Students may send mail or submit other documents to teachers by contacting departmental secretaries.

Teachers' Office Hours

At the beginning of each semester, teachers post their timetables and office hours on their office doors. A student who wishes to see a teacher outside office hours should make an appointment with the teacher and inform their chain of command if it will interfere with other activities.

Absence of a Teacher

When a teacher is more than ten minutes late, the class leader shall proceed to the Registrar’s Office (Lahaie Building – room 100) for further instructions.

Course Evaluations

In November and April, all students complete course evaluations. These evaluations are confidential and anonymous. Teachers will only receive the compiled results when the semester is over.

Academic Regulations

Academic Regulations, available on our website, outlines academic rules, regulations, and procedures. These rules, regulations, and procedures are consistent with those in effect at Royal Military College of Canada in order to ensure smooth transitions between the two military colleges. Royal Military College Saint-Jean regulations also respect ministerial and other established regulations governing college teaching in Québec, particularly the Politique d’évaluation des apprentissages (Learning and Evaluation Policy) the Cegep of Saint-Jean. This ensures that studies will be duly recognized by the Québec Ministry of Education.

Student Services

Student services, describes the academic resources and counselling services available to students at the Royal Military College Saint-Jean.

Useful Information

Student Identification Card

Cegep Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu issues photo identification cards to all students. The card provides access to student services, discounts and other benefits and use the public transportation facilities.

If a card is lost, the student can request a new card through the Registrar’s Office.

Planning Calendar

At the beginning of the academic year, students receive an individual planning calendar provided by Cegep Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. The regulations and services described therein are primarily for the benefit of Cegep Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu students, and may therefore be disregarded by students attending Royal Military College Saint-Jean. The included calendar must also be disregarded by officer cadets.

Faculty and Staff Directory

The faculty and staff directory may be found online. The directory includes the telephone numbers and email addresses of teachers, administrators, and support staff as well as library personnel.

Classrooms and Laboratories

Classrooms are furnished with audiovisual equipment and a multimedia projector. Only teachers are authorized to use this equipment. Students are expected to treat the furniture and equipment they use with respect. Eating and drinking are forbidden in classrooms and laboratories.


Using their library cards, students sign their textbooks out at the beginning of each semester. Textbooks are not included in the maximum number of items students are allowed to borrow from the library. Each student will receive a detailed list of his or her textbooks, and will thereafter sign an accountability agreement for the listed items.

It is strictly forbidden to underline or to write anything in textbooks with the exception of the student’s name in pencil. Students may have to pay for lost or damaged textbooks.

School Supplies

A box of school supplies is allocated to each student at the beginning of the academic year. Returning Seniors will receive a reduced issue of supplies. Any other supplies or replacement material must be purchased by the student.


Students who wish to use a locker may sign for one and a padlock from the quarter master (C20).

Since outdoor clothing (overcoats, raincoats, etc.) cannot be brought into the classrooms, all such items must be left in the lockers. It is the duty of all students to keep their lockers clean and to empty them at the end of the academic year.

Locks lost or not returned will be charged to the student.

Notice Boards and Television

Students should consult the bulletin board on the ground floor in the Lahaie Building on a daily basis. Information is available as follows:

  • messages to students;
  • room changes; and,
  • academic information,
  • academic calendar; and,
  • final examination schedule.

A great deal of information is also displayed on electronic billboards, which are located throughout the campus. Messages on the screens located on the 2nd floor of the Lahaie and on the 2nd floor of de Léry Building are primarily aimed at students.

Public Transportation

Students can travel for free on some bus routes in the city of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu on presentation of their valid student card.

Lost and Found

The Lost and Found is located at the Registrar’s Office.

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