Student Services

This document describes the main resources put in place at Royal Military College Saint Jean to promote the academic success of officer and naval cadets, and assist them in their learning.


Officer and naval cadets experiencing difficulties in a given course should first contact their teachers for assistance. It goes without saying that all teachers offer officer cadets a reasonable number of office hours and make themselves available in other ways. Officer and naval cadets can also make appointments to see teachers at other times if they deem it necessary.

Documentary Research Support and Training

The Royal Military College Saint-Jean Library trains officer and naval cadets in documentary research. The library’s documentary training program is integrated into officer and naval cadets’ courses from the first year of college. Each of the training sessions includes a practical component allowing officer and naval cadets to directly apply the concepts and strategies taught. Officer and naval cadets are therefore able, by the end of their first year of study, to conduct structured documentary research using several specialized research tools and to rigorously evaluate various types of information sources.

In addition, students in the International Studies bachelor’s program also benefit from university-level documentary training that allows them to develop the informational skills specific to this program of study.

Officer and naval cadets may use the library’s reference service when they have difficulty finding relevant documents. This service is offered by the college’s reference librarian and is available upon request. The librarian’s role is to support officer and naval cadets. He/she will therefore be able to:

  • Analyze their research strategies
  • Review and comment on their research strategies
  • Suggest relevant research tools and resource materials

The library offers an array of other services and resources, such as interlibrary loan services and access to workspaces:

Learning Support Coordinator

Learning support is intended for officer and naval cadets who

  • have learning or attention issues;
  • have learning disabilities or attention disorders;
  • have personal or medical issues that may affect their academic success;
  • have difficulties with organization, time management, note-taking, studying, motivation, etc;
  • have been placed on warning or probation because they failed one or more courses in a previous semester;
  • are failing the current semester.

The learning support coordinator assists officer and naval cadets in identifying the source of their issues and assists them or refers them to the right resources.

Teachers and non-teaching staff may refer officer and naval cadets for learning support through a consultation request form.

Officer and naval cadets may contact Learning Support by email ( or report to the coordinator’s office.

Director of College Programs

The Director of College Programs supervises the academic progress of all officer and naval cadets (confirmation of program, choice of courses, etc). Throughout the year, the director is available to answer any questions that officer and naval cadets may have regarding their academic progress.

In collaboration with the CEGEP’s IEAA and the Royal Military College of Canada’s Prior Learning Assessment service, the director analyzes academic records to ensure that, if deemed equivalent, certain courses that have already been successfully completed at another college or university are recognized.

From time to time, the director reviews officer and naval cadets’ college programs based on their performance and progress. The director also counsels officer and naval cadets when they wish to change programs and ensures that officer and naval cadets remain in the best possible position to complete their program of study within the time limits imposed by the period of subsidized study provided for in their contract.

Intersquadron Liaison

In order to maximize the academic success of all officer and naval cadets, each squadron is assigned a Intersquadron Liaison. This Intersquadron Liaison is an active and full member of the squadron, ensuring communication between the team of teachers from the academic wing, squadron commanders and officer and naval cadets. Intersquadron Liaison are regularly informed of the activities of their squadrons, attend meetings that are relevant to their roles, and may even participate alongside officer and naval cadets in certain sports or military activities. These are also responsible for ensuring that the respective activities of the academic wing and the cadet wing do not interfere with each other, thereby promoting a balanced schedule that allows officer and naval cadets to perform to the best of their ability within the four essential components of the RMC Saint-Jean program. Intersquadron Liaison embody the important ideal of military personnel and teaching staff working collaboratively in achieving a common goal.


An individual educational assistance advisor (IEAA) is at the college one day per week. The IEAA can guide and counsel officer and naval cadets on their academic development, from admission to obtaining a DEC, during their time at Royal Military College Saint Jean.

The IEAA is available for consultation on the following topics:

  • information on the college system and academic programs;
  • college admission requirements and programs of study;
  • information on their individual academic;
  • course substitutions and equivalencies.
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