Appendix 1

Caution to an individual suspected of academic integrity violation - example

1. You are suspected of academic integrity violation. Specifically, you are suspected of.........................

2. I have been appointed to investigate the specifics of the accusation and will be submitting an opinion to the Dean of Studies. I am conducting an academic integrity investigation and not a disciplinary investigation. I am to establish the facts of the incident and to that end I will therefore ask you to make a statement describing the particulars of the incident.

3. You are not obligated to make a statement. Any statement that you do make will be used, along with the statements of others and any documentary evidence, to determine my findings on whether academic integrity violation occurred and whether there was intent to commit such misconduct. Your statement made to me, should you decide to make one, will not be used in any subsequent disciplinary investigation, should one be considered necessary.

4. You need to be aware that should I find that you did commit academic integrity violation, there are a variety of academic sanctions that could be imposed. These sanctions depend upon my findings as to the seriousness of the misconduct and whether or not I find that the misconduct was deliberate.

5. You should also be aware that a separate disciplinary investigation might also be implemented by your military supervisor. Such an investigation may result in disciplinary actions separate from any academic sanctions.

6. You will have the right to read the various documents used and / or created during the investigation, including the final investigation report. When a Faculty Council will be called to discuss the recommendations of the investigation report, you will have the right to appear before it to plead your case. The head of the department involved in the incident will keep you informed about that Council.

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